FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Happy #StPatricksDay all! sorry it’s a bit late (or super early if you want to look at it that way) but good fashion will look good whatever time it arrives to the party…

Good Old Fashion(able) Street Style

When I see dark colour palettes it makes me desperately want to hang on to the A/W style just a little bit longer! It can get warmer, just stay a bit grey please Mother Nature.

 I don’t look this good when I’m ‘off duty’ like Kendall and Chloe- thinking about it there’s no reason I shouldn’t because all they’ve done is chuck on some black skinnies, ankle boots and a fab jacket…and we all have those in our wardrobe right?

Ferne is so just frickin cool in that she tries things and owns whatever she has on, and I feel like she’s stepped this up even more since she launched her blog. I read that her look is a mixture of ASOS and Top Shop but I haven’t been able to find the links for the pieces to share, sorry!

Girls on the Town 

Emma and Amanda are the type of women who give me hope- they’ve looked after themselves and continue to always make an effort and as a result they get better with age. I want this for myself! Emma’s colour blocking look is a bit retro but looks really cute (and that haircut is awesome!) and a look we all totally work as it gets warmer. 

Amanda and Kendall are wearing such simple dresses but look amazing because they’ve worked that ‘effortlessly tousled’ vibe. I’ve found some really great value versions of their looks online – ASOS for Kendall’s White shift here Here and Pretty Little Thing for to get Amada’s camel vibes Here (you can also get 20% off using DRESS20 until midnight tonight, go go go!)

Pink Princesses and Red Devils

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it – if wearing head to toe bubblegum pink (complete with fluff) is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right! Slay it RiRi gurl…. Jessica looks so chic I can’t event cope – but I can tell you that Missguided have a great selection of pink jackets in similar shades to both that’ll look just as hot on U.S. mere mortals if you click Here

You probably know by now that I have a long running J-Lo obsession, so she’s really just here cos she looks her usually hot self. It’s Renee who pulls my interest a little more – the last pics we saw of her raised eyebrows because…because well we all thought she’d been toms urge on to raise her eyesbrows! But these pics (I’ve seen them with her glasses off) she looks how we remember her so it was either a bad shot or…well a bad shot that wore off! She looks great working this Audrey Helburn viva in Paris. Nice work Bridget. Hehe.

Hands Down Glamour

I’ve been hijacking instagram again (I’m thisisjennychat if anyone wants to come and say hey) and this nail/ringspo courtesy of Khloe K and Beyonce got me too excited that I had to share…Queen Bey even has a Bee ring!! This is such a glam look and I’m all about mixi and statement rings at the minute. Cherry Diva and Boohoo have some fab designs at her moment if you want to recreate the look.

That’s it for this week’s #cekebstyle more at the end of the week.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

3 thoughts on “FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

  1. I don’t usually like amanda but that knit dress is beautiful, I am also loving all the bold reds they are very sexy and feminine! Striking nails as well, I need to get my extension game on haha xxx

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