FASHION/ Simple Street Style 

Sorry for the blogging silence over the last few days – for those of you who follow me on #Instagram (and if you don’t, do! thisisjennychat) you’ll have seen that I’ve been in #London with Mr Alice as a little birthday treat. So I’ve been getting my tourist ‘ooooon and not had the wifi to upload a new post until now! This is just a little bit of street style I wore for running around in, simple and comfy


This is actually another new pair of jeans….I know, I know! These are a faded black wash with a super high waist and lots of stretch which makes them feel as comfy as jeggings but extra stylish. The tee is also really lightweight so was great for keeping out the chill but not being too warm, and I adore the ribbed texture on this grey waistcoat. Think it’s my new fave.

Waistcoat- ILWF

Tee- Top Shop

Jeans- Top Shop Joni Jeans

Pumps- Matalan

What sort of look do you normally go for when you’re in tourist mode? Hope you liked mine!

Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

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