FASHION & TRAVEL | Outfits I wore in Kefalonia

How long has it been since you’ve just seen a good ol’ fashioned outfit post? An easy breezy “this is what I wore and this is where its from”? Well if its been a while, today you’re in luck!

Here’s some outfits from my recent trip to Kefalonia…

  • Swimsuit, Next (sold out in red, I also have it in blue and black)
  • Sunglasses, Quay

Items marked with * have been gifted

Thanks for reading (well, looking at the pictures and scrolling to the end!)

J xx

5 Outfits I wore in Italy

Items gifted have been marked with a *

As you’ll have seen from my previous post, I recently went on a wonderful Italian adventure courtesy of Bookings For You and fellow HEY Blogger Violet which meant, yup you guessed it, packing too many items of clothing into a small space and worrying about how you’ll close it (and later, how you’ll close it again before you go home)

I thought a lot more about my holiday wardrobe for Italy for a couple of reasons – firstly because I knew the weather wouldn’t be height of summer hot, secondly because of the variety of activities I’d be doing (including driving, something I’ve never done out of the UK) and finally because it’s Italy and I wanted to feel nice.

For a four night stay I managed to pack in a fair few outfits, but I’ve picked out five of my faves to share

Photo by Olivia Lennon

This is what I’m calling my “I’ve partied hard, but only ’til 10pm” look. As soon as I saw the bold print of this shirt dress I knew it had to be mine, and in a bizarre twist my nan also picked up a pair of wide leg trousers in the very same print on a recent shopping trip…great style runs in our family it seems! I’d definitely suggest sizing up one or two in this frock if you have bigger boobs as the fabric doesn’t have any give, it easily clinches back in with the attached belt so the shape isn’t lost. The biker jacket was necessary for the chill or early mornings and evening, and made me feel a bit more cool and Italian.

Dress, Matalan* (sold out online) / Jacket, ASOS / Shades, ASOS

Photo by Olivia Lennon

for me a skater dress is an absolute essential wardrobe item as it’s simple to style, throw in a cute print and it really does make dressing just that little bit easier! The fabric of this is very soft and stretchy so moves really well when out exploring, and I picked it up for the bargain price of £22! It’s a great transition piece into the colder months too; sack on some tights and boots and hey presto. I picked up the hat last year before heading to Santorini last year and it just felt like it would add some cuteness and glam whilst in the Italian countryside.

Dress, Next / Hat, Accessorize (Similar item here) / Shades, ASOS / Sandal, borrowed from Emma Picks (similar style here)

I have lived in this frock since buying it at ten start of summer! Soft jersey, fit to flatter my hourglass shape and the length makes it appropriate for a variety of occasions. I added in my trusty Converse as I was walking around the beautiful streets of Siena, but switch them out for a pair of heels and you instantly have a more dressed up look.

Dress, Dorothy Perkins (sold out online, the A/W print in the same style is linked here) / Trainers, Converse / Shades, ASOS

Photo by Olivia Lennon

This dress was such a hit with our group that two of us brought it away with us, and a further three went on to wear or buy it! It’s easy to see why – great colour, lovely ditsy print, fantastic shape that shows off shoulders and cleavage and hugging curves. I adore it so much. As my hair is kinda short I enlisted my tried and trusted clip in bun and fashioned this low up do thingy, it’s actually more fiddly than a high bun but makes for such an elegant look.

Dress, ASOS (Sold out) / Sandals, Dorothy Perkins (similar style here) / Bun, Hair Rehab London

Dress, Next / Shades, ASOS / Trainers, Converse

I’ve always been a “if the shoe fits, buy it in every colour” kind of a gal, so it will come as no surprise that this dress is the same style as the leopard print one from before. I also have it in black and white floral (which I’m actually wearing as I type) and red polka dot. They’re just so easy to wear and fantastic value! This version was more of an impulse buy on the way to the till with the leopard number, I love the retro feeling of the floral print. As the weather gets cooler I’m definitely going to have a go at styling it with a roll neck underneath as it is on the website.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for holiday style a little later in the year, as well as items that can be just as wearable when you’re back home. Maybe I a, getting a bit better at this shopping smarter malarkey after all…

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Five things that bloggers no longer do

Today marks five years since I decided to start (and stick to writing) my blog. Five years of making friends, challenging myself to be creative with style and discovering lots of different things. Five whole years!!

To make this milestone there’s no giveaway (sorry) no cute photo shoot with a cake or balloons (not that I didn’t want to, I just wasn’t organised enough) and no imparting of wisdom of how to do anything amazing in the blogging world (how I wish I had this wisdom to use). Nope. Instead, I’ve written five differences I’ve noticed since I first streaked claim on a little patch of the internet. I wonder who else remembers and has noticed some of these… (I’ve also peppered a few more throwback blog post pics throughout, enjoy)

1. Bloggers no longer….simply write about an outfit – why they like it, how they styled it , what it’s like to wear etc

My first ever blog post was literally me sharing 2 very ad-hoc photos of what I’d worn the weekend before. It certainly wouldn’t cut the mustard now!

Even with a lot of fashion bloggers and featuring styled outfits, the content of the post is usually something that feels a bit profound, imparting wisdom or an opinion on a key topic. The fashion is just kind of there to break up that chat a bit. That’s probably ended up being so due to the rise of the micro influencers in Instagram (not to mention Instagram Stories and IGTV) and YouTubers, which are much easier outlets to share this kinda stuff on, but I sometimes worry that I don’t have the opinions or the wisdom to keep up with this developing trend.

2. Bloggers no longer…title their posts with something profound or cute

I’ll give you examples using some of my previous post titles – Mono-magic, Peachy, Hot weather cold shoulder, summertime sadness, snug as a fashionista in a blanket cape.

As a marketeer, I’m a huge advocate of something quirky and maybe verging on a bit click-baity, so I still think there’s a place to do something along these lines. However, if you’re calling a spade a spade then people will come and read because they have a more explicit idea of what to expect.

3. Bloggers no longer…have whimsical blog names

I include myself in this one! My blog was called ‘Curious Alice Loves…’ for the first three years, I changed its for a few reasons but the main was because PR messages kept coming to me starting “Hey Alice, how are you?” (That’s very sloppy on the PR’s part for not ready the bio, or e-mail address correctly). I know quite a few people who gave their blog a more quirky name when they first started but then evolved/re-branded down the line to being ‘just them’ (does anyone remember Sarah Ashcroft’s That Pommie Girl?. I admire those who have kept hold of their original name and have a kind of ‘gal behind the blog’ approach as that’s the identity they’ve built, like the fabulous Dorkface.

4. Bloggers no longer…write “PR friendly” in their bio

Never understood this one, never did it myself. I mean, what blogger isn’t?!?

5. Bloggers no longer…engage with each other’s posts in the comments section

This one is the key – everyone used to leave comments directly on a blog post, but I honestly can’t recall the last time I had any of mine. I don’t know whether this just means that people are reading things quickly and can’t be bothered to log in to leave one, whether they’re just looking at pictures or whether they don’t feel they have anything of value to say, but I do find this a real shame. Let’s all make sure we encourage and engage with each other, the hustle is hard!

So, for this post and any others you’ve read over the years, thanks for joining me. I really appreciate it.

J xx

FASHION / The love of leopard print ain’t going anywhere!

Picture the scene: you see one of your fave influencers online in the summer wearing the sassiest of jumpsuits, but it’s sold out everywhere.

You wait for weeks until it comes back into stock, but not in your size. Then suddenly, just as the cold weather hits, it makes a triumphant return to a full range of sizes in stock. Hurrah!

But wait, there’s a problem: it’s now approaching the chilly winter months and it’s a spaghetti strap jumpsuit. Whaddaya do?

Stick a roll neck next underneath and call it even! Jacket, ASOS / Jumpsuit, New Look (sold out – see below for similar) / Roll neck, New Look / Boots, EGO

I’m glad a preserved because it’s something I now adore and have worn a few times and felt awesome as well as received a lot of lovely comments on.

Th material is really lightweight and allows for really easy movement, I totally dig how super swishy the culottes bottoms of this are! I’d usually have cinched the waist section in a little bit using a belt, but on this particular day I was running around quite a lot and it felt easier to leave it.

I can definitely see why red (or non- traditional coloured) leopard print is having a moment – the print itself has now become a staple in a lot of people’s wardrobes, and the pop of colour underneath allows for just a little bit more experimentation with something a bit more ‘safe’ to back it up. Aside from red, I’d say purple and lilac are also ones to watch as we go in to spring/summer for a lighter approach.

As you can imagine, it’s flown out of the stock again, it the good news is that there are some amazing red leopard print pieces on the high street that will make super sassy alternatives – MissiLondon , ASOS, Boohoo and New Look have some similar options.

Have you ever desperately stalked a clothing item, and was it worth you while when you managed to get you hands on it?

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 8

Even though the sparkle of the festive season is well and truly over, I thought I’d keep a bit of glitter alive in this week’s header…glamour is for life, not just for Christmas dontcha know!

There have been a few cheeky outfits that caught my eye this past week, but these three were the ones that stood out most…

Vicky Pattison

Dress, House of CB

Yes Vicky pet! I ADORE this colour and the cut of the dress makemit one of those pieces you could keep in your wardrobe for years and pop out whenever you have an event that you want to feel sassy and special in. I feel like we all need that kinda frock in our lives.

Lily Melrose (image: @llymlrs) Hat, Topshop / Jumper, Boohoo /Skirt, Motel Rocks / Boots, similar here

One of my faves has had a super strong start to the year in the fashion front! The simple colour print mixed with the different textures and print are exactly what I’m about at the moment, I love experimenting with making leopard print more understated and also in place of a kind of colour pop I guess (or sometimes with, leopard print and a red lip are a pretty failsafe combo in my eyes)

Caroline Flack Dress, Zara

To fully appreciate the cuteness of this outfit, you probably have the ignore the sacks of dog poo bags and the dog lead…she’s just keeping it real I guess! I’m definitely embracing the coloured leopard print that’s everywhere a the moment too, which is something you will be seeing from me in an upcoming post (hint: if you’ve checked out my Instagram feed lately, you may know what I’m talking about).

So that’s me for another week, as I type I have a face fully of nourishing green mud and am planning some future content – as well as more fashion (yay!) there will some semi-regular beauty stuff, (hopefully) some travel and some more lifestyle/adulting posts that I hope will help others taking those steps in life now. If this anything else you think would make an interesting post feel free to shout out in the comments or get in touch on social media.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION / Same old brand new me?

Top, Topshop / Trousers, ASOS / Shoes, Misguided

I would normally post a better quality of picture than this as part of a blog post these days, however I wanted to use this one because it captured a very are and fleeting moment where I felt a little more like my old self, so I felt it was a moment worth sharing.

I wore this outfit on my last night out of 2018 and it kind of reminded me of the stuff I used to wear in my slimmer days, which me think I may be starting to turn a corner in this whole self loathing thang I’ve had going on for the last couple of years.

A high waist and a high neckline are my sweet spot for making me feel comfortable and looking flattering, as this experiment was successful I may bring this combo out again more often!

What are your favourite clothing combos that make you feel good?

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION / My favourite outfits of the past year (2018/19)

I really enjoyed doing this post back in January (you can have a nosey at it here) for the previous 12 months so always planned to do it again, but this time I thought doing it to round off the year would be a nice way to go.

To be honest, most of my fave outfits didn’t come until part way through the year, which is when I allowed a few more pics to be taken and started to be slightly less hard on myself for not being perfectly skinny and beautiful (side note: I’m still pretty self critical, but I’m attempting to force those feelings down)

Maxi dress, AX Paris

This dress has seen me through a few social situations over the year, but this particular one was my friend’s beauty back years wedding. It was the best day for fun and making memories, and I felt good all day knowing a had a nice frock on that was also comfortable.

Ah, you knew a bit of Santorini action was going to work its way in somehow! I lived in this Topshop jumpsuit for a lot of time this summer – it kept me very cool whilst the weather was boiling. It didn’t have a lot of shape to it which is easily solved with these assistance of a good belt for make things look a bit dressier in the evening.

If you didn’t see me wearing the jumpsuit in my previous pic this summer, You probably saw me wearing this one. Unlike the the other this one had more of a fitted shape so was a teeny bit more flattering, the fabric was lot lighter though which means all underwear had to be thought about pretty carefully indeed!

Jumper, Dorothy Perkins / Jeggings, Dorothy Perkins / Boots, Dorothy Perkins / Bag, River Island

This outfit reminded me of how much I enjoy wearing cosy knits and Dotty P jeggings, which I used to live in. I adore this red jumper and have worn it so many times since getting it a couple of months ago.

Cardigan, Topshop / T-Shirt, Topshop / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Dorothy Perkins / Bag, River Island

This outfit makes me feel both stylish and slouchy with the oversized cardigan in such a strong print, it’s a great lazy styling getup for low key coffee dates etc

Dress, Joanie

Adore this dress, had a LOT of compliments on it, however I’m disappointed that I don’t look better in it. I really want it to be a kind of easy breezy, dress up or down wardrobe staple, so I need to either make myself feel better in it or look better in it!

Dress, Joanie / Boots, EGO

This is exactly the same style of dress as the previous pic but a size smaller, and I think that helped me feel a little better wearing it as it fit a little nicer. This is meant to be more of a wardrobe staple too as it dresses up and down for most kind of occasions.

I’ll definitely be re-wearing most of these items again in the new year because it will help me achieve one of my main goals, which I’m aiming to reveal on 1 January.

Have you started thinking about any goals for the year ahead yet?

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 16 – weekly fashion faves, 7

Apparently I was right last week; there’s a lot more ‘normal dressy’ this year than straight up festive dressing. I’m not mad at it, there’s still great style to appreciate and I’m not at all mad at it!

Kimberley Walsh

I seem to be a bit obsessed with red suits at the moment, I think I may need to buy one! The fact that it’s so well fitted and kept very simply is what make Kimba stand out, she looks great and all kinds of festive. It would’ve been so much more poetic if her outfit was by New Look, given the fan that’s photobombed the backdrop!

Tanya Burr

Festive frock meets senorita; didn’t know this combo existed but I’m for it when the results look like this! If I’m home, I don’t usually think much to Tanya’s red carpet looks as she usually goes more for high fashion that a flattering silhouette, I admire that she’s willing to take the risk but it’s nice to see something like this that just looks elegant and pretty too. Also, digging that blonde hair thang she’s got going on.

Kiera Knightly

If you can’t make a statement when collecting an OBE to ensure all eyes are in you, then I don’t know what the world is coming to quite frankly. Also – if you’re the face of Chanel, of course they’re gonna hook you up during one of life’s most memorable events. This is classic, flattering and quirky all at once, aka every single fashion button I’d ever want to hit.

Jesy Nelson

Dayum Jesy, it may be cold outside but it’s sure hot wherever you are! I adore looks like this that are casual but sexy AF, definitely a vibe I’d like to be brave enough to experiment more with in future.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 9 – weekly fashion faves, 6

So, I’ve noticed two things about fashion this week:

1- Not a lot of people are embracing what I’d call ‘festive fashion’ this year – flutter, sequins, velvet. Not a criticism, merely an observation.

2- I’m gravitating towards black and print more than ever before.

There’s a definitely vibe to the outfits I’m appreciating this week, and they mostly fall into point number 2!

Meghan Markle

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say her name now or if she should always be known as the Duchess of Sussex? Either way, I am living for her look in this Pic! It’s elegant yet powerful and also pretty darn sexy all at once, the silhouette is on point and her hair is tied back just enough. I want this whole entire look for myself right now please.

Holly Willoughby Top, Marks and Spencer / Jeans, Marks and Spencer / Boots, Marks and Spencer / Bag, Marks and Spencer

Side note: I’ve heard HW’s earnings have rocketed now that she’s covering up her boobs more…erm, why is this even a news story?? Anyway…

As soon as I saw this pic on Instagram, I thought it myself “this is exactly my kind of outfit” I live in my ankle length black skinny jeans, I adore print and am a fan of a decent ankle boot. I’m picking this top (and maybe the bag, is that allowed right before Christmas?) before it goes out of stock, it could be the perfect dressy-cas vibe for the big day in my eyes.

Kate Wright Trousers, Zara / Top, similar here.

I liked this look so much that I channeled something very similar when I went out earlier – my trousers are leopard print, my top knot looked far more messy and my nose is treating from the end of a hideous cold that I can’t quite shake off, but still!

Lily Melrose (image: @llymlrs) Skirt, Topshop (similar here)

I think this outfit has a kinda festive vibe to it, it’s green and satiny, but it’s still very true to Lily’s aesthetic (which as you know I’m a massive fan of) so I think it melds the two together rather nicely. This skirt can easily be dressed up with different footwear and top half for an evening look too, so it would be a great buy *doesn’t think about this justification as adding it to card on the Topshop website*

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow,

J xx

FASHION / Weekly fashion faves, 5

Another week down, another closer to the festive period… Eek! Are you excited? Are you ready?

For me, the answers are yes and no – I’m already feeling pretty festive (if you’ve seen my Insta stories this week you’ll know that I’ve started wearing my festive PJs, drinking mulled wine and even met Santa! ) however I’ve done zero gift shopping so it feels like that may be stressful this year. But, I’ve started writing and planning #blogmas posts, so small wins!

This week’s fashion faves are very blogger-centric; they do say that no-one is more influenced than an influencer font they… Not that I’m anywhere near the league of these sassy babes, but ya get where I’m coming from.

Billie Faiers

Dress, Billie x In the Style

I think I like this look so much for 2 reasons – 1, I’m all about that Monochrome life and 2, I’m pining for the days that I could wear jumper dresses and feel like they looked nice on me. To be honest, thus would totally work over skinny jeans though, so I’m tempted.

Em Sheldon

(image: @emshelx ) Cardigan, Missguided

I have a River Island version of this cardigan that I usually wear in a very slouchy and un-put together way, so it’s fab to see how I could dress it up and make it cute (and with leopard print, yass).

Amy Spencer

(image: @little_magpie1 )

Unless there were a few subtle snow flakes floating around Amy in this shot, it couldn’t scream British festive-ness more. I adore the navy tartan and pop of red and, as always, I’m pashing on Amy’s beachy waves that I can never quite do myself at home.

Helen Anderson

(image: @helenanderz) – jeans, Topshop (similar here) / top, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, Office

This LOTD appeals because its a kind of ‘every gal’ look – stuff most of us probably have knocking about in our wardrobes that can be chucked on without much thought, and it looks great. She’s such a cool girl, she and Lily Melrose are the answers to the question “what makes Jenny want to spend all of her money on new clothes?”

Onwards in to another week – be brilliant and enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

J xx