FASHION/ Re-Worked Vintage and Sassy Black Lips

I’ve never really considered vintage clothing before. I think it looks great but I never thought it was my style as frankly I don’t think I’m quite that cool! But I like the idea of not wearing what everyone around me is wearing, so I pushed my comfort zone a little (I’m always telling people they should do that so just practising what I preach!) and picked up this lil number.           

 How cool right? This is a dress that was made from two #vintage pieces. Stretch is always helpful as I have a big booty that needs accommodating! Even thought it’s vintage and therefore #unique, there are more in the same #style but different colour/pattern combos.

Dress – Poorboy Boutique

Trainers – Converse All Star Ox

Bag – Dollywood Boutique

Sunnies – Primark

What are your thoughts on a bit of vintage cool?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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