FASHION/ Balmain…ish

All hail the great British high street and our fabulous northern e-trailers, who help us get designer looks for less!

As you may have guessed, my outfit is inspired by #Balmain but most definitely wasn’t purchased from there…sadly I can’t quite afford to drop £1300 on one of their classic blazers or a couple of hundred on the Balmain x H&M rope heels (which I think may be sold out now). However I’m very happy with my PLT dupes and their prices, which meant I could also afford to get the jacket in white too. You’ll be seeing that pretty soon…The jacket material is pretty thick and feels good to wear. For anyone with bigger boobs, I’d recommend sizing up so that it sits a little better (something I did with the white version after wearing this one). I wore this look on my wedding anniversary with pleather trousers similar to how PLT styled it on their site, which looks sassy AF.I’m not as good in heels as I used to be – these are 5ins which is above my ‘safe limit’ and I look a bit awkward trying to walk in them down the cobbled streets of Hull’s Old Town! Definitely a sit down shoe for me 

Blazer Pretty Little Thing/Tee Pretty Little Thing/Jeans Topshop/Shoes Pretty Little Thing/Bag Michael Kors

This week Curious Alice Loves… celebrates its second birthday! Stay tuned for more outfit posts and a summer prize giveaway to celebrate.

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FASHION/ What we wear, how we feel and what it says 

This week I read an interesting article in The Guardian (yup that’s right, I’m THAT well read now I’m a graduate!) that says it take a potential client a mere 7 seconds to determine whether someone looks professional and approachable- Workplace dress codes are ultimately a form of branding because “taking pride in your appearance proves you care about your career.”

This happens to be something I really believe in – as shallow as it may sound, you can’t see a person’s competence or a great personality across a crowded room, but you can see how they’ve chosen to present themselves to the outside world. Whether we like it or not, a lot of us do give people’s look a once over (some more subtly than others) so this is first judgement made about you.

With this in mind I thought I’d really put my own beliefs to the test- document everything I wear during the working week, how I felt and what I wanted it to say. *FYI: These selfies are rubbish because it’s not dark when I leave the house so there’s no natural light!*

Monday   Vibe: It’s Monday and I want to feel cool and wear my fave colour palette. I felt comfortable & stylish, leading to a productive start to the working week.

Hat Dorothy Perkins, similar here/ Top Primark/ Sleeveless Jacket In the Style/ Jeggings /Boots New Look

Tuesday   Vibe: Sassy and autumnal. 

Dress Next/ Boots Solewish

Wednesday   Vibe: it’s hump day and I’ve run out of fash steam a bit already! I felt simple yet professional. I got a little boost around lunchtime when a colleague from another office stopped me and said “you look nice; but then you always do” ahhh

Roll Neck New Look/ Trousers Pretty Little Thing/ Shoe Boots Dorothy Perkins

Thursday   Vibe: back to sass; last day of the working week (FYI- the roll neck is grey, pinafore is black with hot ounk/white check). I felt a bit chilly without tights, to be honest! But kinda Clueless ‘n cute; the girl in the office next door to me said she loved the look.

Roll Neck New Look/ Pinafore Dorothy Perkins (sold out online, other designs here)/ Boots, Sole Wish as before

Friday   Vibe: the weekend has started and I want to be all kinds of cosy. I felt cosy and relaxed- add in a lovely cup of tea and daytime TV followed by coffee and shopping with Mama Alice and I’d nailed it!

Jumper Top Shop (sold out in Pink, shop it in mint here)/ Jeans Top Shop/ Shoe Boots Primark

 Saturday  Vibe: I want to go casual, but like sassy casual, because I’m going out into town and people I know may see me!

Bodysuit Top Shop/Jeans Top Shop/ Boots New Look as before/ Coat Missguided

Result? I’m very aware of what I’m wearing and how I want it to make me feel, which definitely impacts on how well my day can go. But then, I knew that already- if you feel you look on the outside, it can be hugely impactful to the stuff that’s happening on the inside. And, as someone who sometimes doesn’t have the most pleasant things going on inside, that’s a really important tool to have. Call it vain, self absorbed, whatever you want, it’s my armour and I own that.

Thanks for reading, Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Aint Nuthin’ but a Clueless fangirl

You’ve probably seen me state this a hundred times, but it’s true – I’m a HUGE fan of the 90s chick flick Clueless. Cher Horowitz and her pals will forever be some of my fave fashion icons of all time. Me and my boy about town pal LDW always argue over who gets  to be Cher; as he’s Jewish (as she is) and has waaaay fancier clothes than me he usually wins, so Dion it is! However this is probably a little more casual than the Beverley Hills gals would ever rock, but it’s my Curious Alice take on their look.    
Lots of texture going on – the skirt is thick wool (and high waisted, which you may not be able to see) the jumper is THE softest thing I think I’ve ever touched in my life. I kind of wish they’d have had a class of 1983 though, which is my birth year, but there is a Brooklyn pizza sweatshirt so they may be forgieven…the jumper is kind half tucked in as I wanted that relaxed kind of vibe rather than a full on fitted look, but I’ll definitely be using the high waist to create a look like that soon.

The boots are an awesome mix of comfy yet sassy (adore that word right now, apologise for the over use) and they’ve had a lot of compliments around the office already

Jumper Project Social T/ Skirt Top Shop/ Boots Sole Wish

Does anyone else channel their inner Clueless, or is it just me? Let me know!

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Autumn Sass

 The UK weather is so confusing right now – is it warm? Is it cold? Will it be warm THEN cold?!?! It’s all made me pretty ready to start embracing some chillier weather clothes, starting with my trusty thigh high boots. I used them as a base in this #ootd to go for a kind of retro vibe, which I wore to work last week.


The top isn’t as see through away from the camera, promise! With the skirt being a mini a went a size up so it would sit a bit lower, DEFINITELY glad I did as there was a slightly dicey moment when I sat down at my desk….oops…I’m definitely going to carry on my oxblood red obsession for A/W I think, the other day I did an online shop that consisted only of that colour which I’m sure I’ll be sharing soon.

Top Top Shop/ Skirt Pretty Little Thing/ Boots Miss Pap

Share your fave trends and colours for the new season with me, I wanna hear them! Send me a tweet or leave me a comment.

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ “World, I’ve Arrived…”

The other day, this tweet from the bangers-obsessed fashpirational Gok Wan popped up on my feed  

This sums me up so well! Every single day I think – How do I feel? How do I want to feel? What I can wear to reflect the latter to the outside world to make me feel good? It’s not as complicated a process as I make it sound!

So with this is mind…I decided that I was feeling warm and summery, and I wanted to feel/ appear sassy yet casual to the world at large. For me this meant ripped skinnies (doesn’t it always?) lace ups and some HAWT ass shades

   Photos by my girl beckieione

So for the summer I’ve replaced my shoe boots…with lace up shoe boots! Haha. Just as comfy but a bit more open for ventilation. This caged bodysuit is my sassy compromise – I REALLY want a fab lace up one, but of the four I’ve tried, my braless boobies are make it feel less fierce and more ‘to be feared’ cringe…

So glad I’m on the Quay Australia bandwagon, I’m totally obsessed with these sunnies! And because I bought them from a stockist (they’re sold by ASOS and Top Shop) I managed to use my student discount whilst it was still valid. Yay.

Bodysuit – Boohoo (sold out, similar here)/ Jeans- Top Shop (sold out in khaki, other colours here)/ Shoe Boots – Public Desire/ Sunnies – Quay Australia at Top Shop

Thanks for reading

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Sass in Hull City – Being Carrie Bradshaw

I adore me some CB! I think she is quite possibly the first woman I’d class as a ‘style muse’ from when I first watched Sex and The City at 17/18…but it’s only now that I fully appreciate how important her fashion message really is- try everything, be brave, strut proudly. That may very well have to be my sub slogan now after ‘Fashion. Food. Fun. What Else?’.

When I saw this dress it reminded me of this Carrie look which is one of my faves. So of course, it had to be mine! It’s not her most out there look but it is Oscar de la Renta and Pink and a true classic which I adore. Carrie dances around New York City in it which is filled with culture, I however rocked this look on the streets of Hull, which has the bona fide title as City of Culture 2017.


Pictures by Charley Lucy taken in Old Town, Hull

Dress- AX Paris/ Shoes- New Look/ Hair- Hair Rehab London

One of the best things about shooting this look was being with three of the other #HullBloggers as we became our own little ‘Sass n the City’ group for the afternoon – I as a brunette Carrie (of course) redhead Charley as a rock chick Miranda, Heather as sweetie Charlotte and blondie Beckie as our stylish Samantha.  

 Gotta be honest though – we’re a little more Primarni and Diet Coke than Manolos and Cosmos in the middle of the day in these parts!  

Which SATC character are you most like, and which of their looks would you dare to wear? Make sure you tag me on #Twitter or #Instagram with your sassy styles! 

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Re-Worked Vintage and Sassy Black Lips

I’ve never really considered vintage clothing before. I think it looks great but I never thought it was my style as frankly I don’t think I’m quite that cool! But I like the idea of not wearing what everyone around me is wearing, so I pushed my comfort zone a little (I’m always telling people they should do that so just practising what I preach!) and picked up this lil number.           

 How cool right? This is a dress that was made from two #vintage pieces. Stretch is always helpful as I have a big booty that needs accommodating! Even thought it’s vintage and therefore #unique, there are more in the same #style but different colour/pattern combos.

Dress – Poorboy Boutique

Trainers – Converse All Star Ox

Bag – Dollywood Boutique

Sunnies – Primark

What are your thoughts on a bit of vintage cool?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx