FASHION/ Lets Disco

I’ve been messing about with my hair again – I realised I missed my ombre so it’s slowly going back in. Right now it’s a mix of a blondey/coppery but hopefully will be exactly how I want it soon.

This is my outfit from a recent girls night out and I felt groovy baby, yeah! I’m sure you’ve seen this style in a few different colours on social media – I actually have it in 2 more colours and am contemplating getting more…is that allowed?

  A couple of things to mention about the pics: 1- the first one was shot just as the sun went in 2- I got a bit carried getting my moves ‘oooon in the last shot so my top rode up a little…Gloria Eestfan was right- the rhythm IS going to get you…



I’m so obsessed with this powder blue colour for summer! Little tip- nude underwear is a must for this colour. I’ve been wearing the pieces separately as well (you may remember the top from my Peanut Hottie post a couple of weeks ago, see here). And the shoes…also seen in my Spring is in the Air post last month, proof that their holographic shimmery fabness means they’ll go with errthang.

Top- Pretty Little Thing

Trousers- Pretty Little Thing

Bag- Pretty Little Thing, sold out similar Here

Shoes- Missguided

How would you style this coord, and what colour would you pick? I’m sure you’ll be seeing my other colours at some point too!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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