FASHION & TRAVEL | Outfits I wore in Kefalonia

How long has it been since you’ve just seen a good ol’ fashioned outfit post? An easy breezy “this is what I wore and this is where its from”? Well if its been a while, today you’re in luck!

Here’s some outfits from my recent trip to Kefalonia…

  • Swimsuit, Next (sold out in red, I also have it in blue and black)
  • Sunglasses, Quay

Items marked with * have been gifted

Thanks for reading (well, looking at the pictures and scrolling to the end!)

J xx

FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 3

Happy Sunday you lovely lot!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day to round off your weekend – I’m having a chilled out PJ day with the Mr after a busy Saturday with Mr Gok Wan, more on that next week.

For now her are my favourite outfits of the week – leopard, Striped and black fabulousness awaits…

Claudia Winkleman

Top, Gucci /Jeans, similar here / Stiletto court shoes, similar here

Claudia’s style isn’t always for me, but I really admire that she stays true to her aesthetic every single time, particularly when it comes to frocking up for Strictly every week.

I like this look because it’s ‘edgy gal does the red carpet on her own terms’ kind of vibe, if I was a few sizes smaller I’d definitely wear something like this but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel with a top that hadess structure to it.

Chloe Lewis

(image credit: @chloelewis91)

Top, Missy Empire (similar here) / Trousers, similar here / Boots, similar here

I really like a lot of Chloe’s outfits, again she stays very true to what she likes when it would be so easy for her to wear exactly the same kind of stuff that a lot of the other TOWIE girls wear (they look lovely, BTW).

I lost my s**t over this look when I saw it – at the moment I’m extra-obsessed with leopard print and this is so simple but so frickin cool and awesome at the same time. *Maybe I could pull it off?

Stacey Dooley

Since she started appearing on Saturday night prime time I believe everybody now adores Stacey, however I have an itty bitty confession: myself and the Mr (yes, he gets thrown under the bus on this one with me) have found her just a teeny bit annoying in the past, and haven’t been too impressed with her documentaries. I will say I haven’t seen the latest one about sustainable fashion so I don’t know if her style has changed or if that’s we simply don’t get on with her style of doing things.

Opinions aside, the gal seems to be pleasing everyone in the dance floor and I’m quite enjoying the outfits she’s sporting in her downtime. And her hair actually, this coppery colours looks gorge! My favourite thing about this outfit are the use of different textures, really elevate the most simple looks. If she’d have worn skinny jeans, it wouldn’t have been anything special.

Gemma Collins

Suit, Boohoo

Lets take a minute to applaud GC. Whatever you may think of her, this week a video was released hurling vile insults at her about her appearance, and she claps back by heading out publicly in a bold outfit that nobody can miss her in. The fact that it’s a suit shows she means business and for doing that she’s a bit of a hero to me, I probably would’ve taken the easy option and retreated. She looks great.

Danielle Armstrong

Biker jacket, similar here / Cami, similar here / Pencil skirt, similar here / Sock boots, similar here / Belt, Gucci

All black, all sass, yasssss Danni! Again it’s a super simple look when you drill down to each piece, but the textures and construction of each item make it feel really cool. I would wear everything she has on, exactly how she’s wearing it.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION/ Celeb Style Round Up

I’m so glad I was right last week when I predicted Fashion Week month would throw up some ultra fab #celebstyle – so far I’ve been beside myself with #NYFW and #LFW is looking pretty spectacular already. 

NYC be Jumpin’  

Serious – how HOT HAWT HAUTE are these women though?!?! The perfect combo over covered in with a hint of boob, and I’d forgotten how much I adored navy for this time of year. I’m definitely pining to go back to NYC now…steal Kloe’s style in this beaut Top Shop number.

 Dark, but not Moody 

That said, these gals do look a little bit moody! I think it’s more of a “we’re looking good and we damn well know it” face actually. I adore a bit of classic Fashion Week black (hence why I did head to toe black at the last LFW). Awesome looks ladies!

 Wrapping up for Aurumn 
It’s time for transitional dressing…but since the weather has been ridiculous lately it’s either a dark palette of summer cool a la Mollie, or button up cosy like Mylene. I’d totally wear both of these – this Quiz blazer will help any sassy black look pop like Ms King, Mylene’s cape is from her own #Littlewoods collection here.

Working that FRow 

Ridiculously simple yet chic and beautiful looks from these former #towie beauties, absolutely perfect for #LFW great muted tones and shapes of each piece. ADORE. I’ve found a great copy of Sam’s dress by Boohoo and these culottes by Pretty Little Thing  (which I own; stay tuned for a potential rip off look) will help replicate Lucy’s outfit.

 Jenner Watch  
 What’s fashion week without one now right? Kylie just had fun with fashion and will try everything which is the part of style that I enjoy most. In one week she’s done ghetto-preppy with those fabulous Gold Nike Air Max, cute lil white skater and cheeky cut out top complete with exposed bra. Moving on to sexy-ethereal mermaid (which can be created using the cute Boohoo coord) and finishing with ultra chic all black black cool n oversized Vera Wang…boom.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to catch up with my latest style post here as well.

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Celeb Style Round Up

It’s baaaaaaaack! Who’s missed having a cheeky bit of #celebstyle to read over Sunday brekkie? I definitely have, but honestly the celeb looks I’ve liked have been far too spaced out to consider them a weekly thing. The start of Fasion Week month better change this! 

I’m still doing things a bit differently with this one- I’ve decided to focus on one fashionista who I’ve been enjoying this week…

Daaaaaaaaammmmmmn Mollie King  

All monochrome (pretty much) all super easy to wear, all over it! THE perfect travel outfit for being comfy and looking cool, but as she’s in Vegas in this pic I’m willing to bet she was boiling in that jacket! 

Get the look- Jeans *exact match* Oasis/ T-shirt Top Shop/ Jacket New Look at ASOS

For me, this look is youthful class meets sass with a lil boom boom POW! Even though the dress is super short it’s covered in, and because of the thigh high boots (which as you’ll know, I’m obsessed with) she’s not flashing boob and leg. Smouldering.

Get the look – Dress *exact match* Finders Keepers/ Boots Nostalgia by In The Style
Completely simple yet chic; its kind of a take on the airport look but the shirt and heels create a new dimension of interest. This is the perfect outfit to wear for a relaxed dinner and cocktails, and one I’m totally going to be ripping off very soon!

Get the look- Shirt Lipsy/ Jeans Top Shop/ Shoes Ego

Don’t forget to catch up with my style posts from this week – Checked shirt dress ‘n thigh highs and Autumn sass

Stay Stylish
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FASHION/ Multiple #ootd …Vegas Style 

This is just a small selection of my Las Vegas wardrobe; since I’ve gone on about it so much I thought it’d be nice to share! I didn’t really take any proper outfit pics because I was trying to get my holiday head head on and be in the moment…great for a tourist, maybe not so great for a blogger.

 Daytime Sightseeing 

Top Missy Empire (knotted at the front because I’m a shorty and kept tripping over it whilst I was wearing flats!)/ Shorts H&M (seams cut and rolled down to increase the length)/ Sliders, Primark

Hitting up the Vegas Sign    Bodysuit Missguided (I’d definitely size up by one or even 2 sizes to make sure you’re comfortable)/ Shorts, H&M/ Trainers New Look

Night of Venetian RomanceCo-ord Missy Empire/ Sandals New Look 

When you have a 23hr flight delay, and the LBD is all you got that’s clean…Dress Pretty Little Thing/ Duster Pretty Little Thing/ Trainers Nike Air Max (available at Schuh)

I also shot my ‘Festival Under £50’ whilst I was awayij collaboration with Boohoo, which you can read here

Thanks for reading 

Stay Stylish 

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FASHION/ Old Town Vegas Feels 

Freemont Street aka Old Vegas is somewhere I felt really comfortable – it’s a street filled with music, laughter, entertainment, bright lights and plenty of what I’ll call ‘only in Vegas’ moments! The light show on the ceiling also adds another really cool element, and it just feels like another little resort within the city. 

I just thought I’d share an outfit I wore during one of my trips there (I made 2) which was a late afternoon into evening outing, so funky-casual felt like the order of the day. 


You may have seen a few celebs pictured wearing this pinafore in khaki which I also really like, but I purposely avoided that colour because I’d seen a few people wearing it and wanted to be a little different. 

I adore this rust colour for going into autum too so I’ll be wearing this with tights or long boots then. My only teeny issue with it came when I sat down as it revealed a bit more of my wibbly thighs than I’m comfor table with. But this is a piece I really like and have styled in a couple of different ways for day and night since I got it.

Pinafore Missy Empire/ Shoe Boots Ego/ Vest and Bag Booho/ Sunglasses Cherry Diva

Thanks for checking out my look, there may be more on the way soon.

Stay Stylish

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TRAVEL/ Things People Don’t Tell You About Las Vegas

Night shirt Boohoo 

My #LasVegas experience is almost over…so I thought I’d share some things that may be helpful for those of you travelling here in the future. 

1- The Vegas Sign   This awesome sign that everyone wants a pic with is pretty much next to the airport runway, so if you go during your trip it can be a loooooong walk from where you’re staying (or a semi-expensive taxi fare)

2- Taxis/Cabs   You can’t hail a cab in Vegas…I know right! Apparently it’s not legal for them to stop so going to a taxi rank or calling the company are the only ways and sometimes they take a little while so you need to allow for that…also, most of them aren’t yellow like this pic (I only mention this because I kind of expected them to be a bit like New York cabs) another little tip I learnt- if you’re taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel on the strip, make sure you ask the drive to avoid the tunnel as that can add on an extra $10 (legally the drivers have to take you the shortest route anyway but it’s worth knowing in case)

3- Buses are Good!   There’s a great local bus network that’s pretty cheap and travels right down the strip and to Freemont Street (aka ‘Old Vegas’). Better than the monorails and taxis easily! The SDX is much quicker but doesn’t stop everywhere, The Deuce takes forever but stops at every point on the strip

4- Sunday Pedestrians   Everyone in Vegas is slow, like, snail learning to crawl sloooooooow. Also, they have no comprehension of the fact that there are other people around them and think nothing of randomly stopping in the street, zig zagging a cross the sidewalk or chatting right in front of street crossings. Mucho annoying.

5- Street Drinking    Unsurprisingly, there are bars literally on the street! You can buy these massive yard high frozen cocktails and just walk around the strip…it doesn’t get much more Vegas than that!

6- Food    If you’re from a part of the UK that’s ridiculously cheap like me, all Vegas food seems very expensive…well on the strip it really is! Weirdly breakfast was one of the priciest meals for me, but as you can see by this pic, it was often well worth it! 

7-Things Close   Here’s me thinking that pretty much everything would be open all hours, but no. Restaurants and bars actually close, and some of them even close before midnight…wassup with that?!?!

8-Strip Club Promoters    Put it is way – if this is reflexion of how hot the girls would be in the club, people would be paying them to put it all back ‘ooooooon baby!

9- People Aren’t as Dressed up/Stylish as You Think    top Missy Empire

 this disappointed me as I thought everyone would be walking round in super high wedges and fabulous resort wear but nope, everyone dresses in shorts etc just like a regular holiday. Even in the evenings some people didn’t bother to change and stayed in the casinos in what they were wearing. However if you’re in Vegas on Friday/Saturday nights then people do glam up more.

10- It’s Not as Hot as You Think   Swimsuit Boohoo/ Sunglasses Cherry Diva

 we’ll obviously it is (in fact we were on a severe weather alert because temperatures spiked so high during our stay) but it’s not particularly humid. Most of the heat is dry in comparison to say Turkey, so when you’re walking between places it’s not as terrible as you’d imagine at all (unless you’re by the pool you’re mostly inside) obviously sun protection is still a must regardless!

Hope these tips help some of you a little bit, Begas is definitely worth a visit! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

its been such a good week for #celebstyle every day I feel like I’ve let out a little “ooooooooohhhhhhhh” when I’ve opened the paper/Instagram/Twitter and seen someone rocking a great look…I had to narrow down A LOT 

There aren’t enough fire emojis in the world to express my thoughts on J-Lo’s black dress look….I mean really…age aside, everyone I’ve spoken to can only describe it as “daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmn” (If we saw a girl in our own city/town wearing a tight dress and no underwear I bet we’d think something totally different! Probably because it wouldn’t look like this) miraculously, I’ve managed to find a similar-ish dress that’s more wearable in real life (with underwear) courtesy of Boohoo.

The other two looks mind if make me think it could all be in the name. They’re very much ‘Jenny’ looks rather than J-Lo boom boom POW, and I kind of (try really hard) to do the same- when I’m chilling behind I’m Jenny, when I’m out and about I’m very much in Curious Alice mode (I can almost feel those of you who know me chuckling to yourselves as you read this) If only the result was just as amaze eh…dare to dream…anyway….this is such a fab idea for a coord, a cute pair of shorts for the boat partay and a ladylike midi skirt for dinner on the dock. This two piece by Boohoo hits the second vibe really well, add in this fierce lil Public Desire turquoise beauties and you can channel yo’ inner Lopez all day and all night loooooooooong. 

Both of Cheryl’s looks feel a little cold weather (which to be fair, it kind of has been) because of their dark palettes, but they’re fabulous and it just means we can play in them til the end of the year! I’m soooooo into her hair right now; I need to learn how to make mine look that effortless cool at all times.

I really like this Missy Empire waistcoat to recreate the look on the right, short sleeves (or nothing at all) underneath would make it feel it little more summer-ey for August, and these Ego black thigh highs will make you want to embrace your inner Chezza soldier. Awesome.

Jessie J’s outfit is an unusual mix of Japanese calmness and straight up feisty…I’m totally into it! I can’t see her bag properly but the rest of her outfit is high street fash – the dress is by Top Ship but sold out, luckily ASOS do a really similar one, and these caged heels are in full stock as I type over at Missguided.

Danni’s style is ideal for the weird weather we’ve had lately- the colour palette is lovely and light for summer whilst the jacket is great to cover up when the chill comes. FYI: this is a long sleeve version of the one I’m currently obsessed with (see here and here if you haven’t seen or have forgotten) so you could wear it as a top/dress as well an make it a huuuuuge value for money purchase. This style/colour can be picked up at In the Style and there are jeans like Danni’s available at Miss Pap.

I know I just said Chezza wearing dark colours felt autumnal but all black just isn’t the same, it’s for all seasons baybeee! Haha. I’m so pashing on Miss Meck’s skater dress, it’s all kind of classy and a little cheeky with those sheer panels. I’m heading to the races in a few weeks and I need it baaaaaad! She’s repping it from her own boutique which is now sold out (sob) however you can get the same deign with a pencil fit skirt from ASOS.

And so we move from ladylike to sheer frickin’ cool…yes Jenner girls, YES. I’m definitely stealing Kylie’s look for my Vegas trip. You can pick up a similar Top and Palazzo Pants (which I already own and was poised to pack before I saw this) from Miss Foxy.

Kendall’s supermodel style is NAILED in this look; black and showing off her insane figure. Grab a similarly sassy sheer bomber from Missy Empire, super skinny trousers from Pretty Little Thing and fierce gold stilettos by New Look.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s celeb looks, don’t forget to also check out my dark florals style post here. Next week will be a holiday related post and perhaps a new regular feature…be curious and check them out!

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ July Style Round Up

 Shout out to August…your summer sista July hasn’t quite make it with the weather, so we’re counting on you to bring it! Haha.

 I’m super lucky that I’ll be jetting off to ‘The Fabulous Las Vegas’ (there’s a sign that says it and everything so it’s true) so keep your eyes out for my U.S.A capers on future posts and my Instagram. In the meantime, here’s a quick style recap of July’s looks

Hippy Chic 

Krazy for dat Khaki  
Chic ‘n Muted  
Batchelor of Arts (and Style)  
Day to Day Styling  
Chelsea Florals of a Different Kind  

Dark n Floral-ey  
And that’s all she blogged! Get in touch to tell me which looks are your faves and what your summer style essentials will be this year.

Until next month….

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

 I’m into my final week of chill time…this time next week I’ll be getting ready to start my first proper job in 4 years! Exciting yet a little bit scary, I’m on the lookout for the perfect first day outfit as you read. I’ve also been hard at work with my girls organising a fabulous event for the #HullBloggers – we’re becoming quite the force to be reckoned with up in hurrrrr!! Hehe.

This week’s #celebstyle round up is super simple and encompasses my classic faves- black ‘n white, with a pop ‘o colour.

This is my favourite Cheryl look of this year’s X Factor auditions – simple, classic  and ridiculously stylish to me. This is an ideal example of how monochrome can stand out more than bright colours when it’s done well! I’m totally coveting this Missguided dress which is really similar for my upcoming #Vegas trip, the slack of sleeves will make it cooler for that desert weather (or even just a decent bit of summer anywhere)

I want Khloe’s hair. Allllllll day loooooooong. This outfit is an interesting mix of casual and glamazon because of the casual top, switch it out for something in a different fabric and POW you’re ready for a cocktail and some shimmy shimmaaaaaaaay. The look is easily created with this skirt by Pretty Little Thing (described as in the style of Kim K, so it must be pretty darn close) and this Top Shop vest knotted up would get that Khloemoney vibe on fleek. Gotta be honest though, I’m not a big fan of these shoes…


Well done for scoring another No. 1 #LittleMix woo! I really like all of their styles as they’re quite an eclectic bunch, but Leigh-Anne is always great to watch for a good evening look. This chic and sexy jumpsuit she’s OWNING is by on of my fave online brands In the Style as part of #CharlotteCrosby Nostaligia collection. One of my fave pieces in the range too! There’s also a black version which you can see here.

It’s definitely summer in Pixie’s world- the sun even shines at night for her so she needs to keep her sunnies on! I really like this as a funky yet comfortable outfit for a night out- you could dance all night and still feel fierce. I’d go all in on the zig zag and work this coord by Bella Sorella its perfect for summer and dressing down as well as up – sassy heels for the night, funky trainers.


I really like cape-like dresses like Emma’s because they manage to be fitted and chic whilst still having an element of flowyness, always great for warm weather! There’s a dress that’s a good copy (or so the picture suggests) courtesy of eBay for an absolute bargain. Great choice of shoe, I like the bag but I’m not sure I’d have put it together with this outfit, even for daytime…something in an oversized clutch perhaps?

Vanessa’s style is always super fierce and I’m crushing sooooooo frickin’ hard on this sexy boho vibe (Courtesy of this pic I pilfered from her Twitter, thank youuuuuu!). I’m delserately trying to find the exact match for me but as yet have had no luck! Wouldn’t mind those fringe boots either…or that bag…help me! So far I’ve found this ASOS beauty in a deeper shade that’ll also take you through to A/W.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round up, what looks have been your fave? Don’t forget to catch up with my style posts from the week too – Current go to Style and Made in Chelsea, Styled in Hull

Stay Stylish

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