FASHION/ Khaki Kool

It’s looking like a bit of a khaki week! My wardrobe is full of it at the moment though so it’s inevitable, I’ve rationalised that it’ll all work really well in the winter too so I can keep on buying more…hehe. I mentioned this outfit a few weeks back when I blogged Danielle Lloyd wearing the black version as a top. It’s actually a waistcoat, but as you can see I’m not wearing it that way either! 

Photos by Beckieione

I need to impress on you how fab the service is from Missy Empire where this beauty is from – not only are they great value, but they also offer discounts AND free standard delivery…so I got this fairly cheaply AND it ended up arriving within 2 days! There’s a reason they’re one of my new faves.

The material of this waistcoat is kind of silky, scuba-ey fabric which feels great next to skin but please take this advice seriously: keep an eye on it if you’re wearing it as a top or dress as the fabric may slide and reveal more than you bargain for!! I’ve still got my beige (seen on Instagram) and mocha version in the bank to share as well, I’m I’m seriously tempted by the black…should I? 

I thought the Tattoos made a nice change to jewellery as accessories for the summer; I have loads of them in gold, silver and rose gold so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of them over the summer! These shoes you’ve seen before as I’m still obsessed with them, it’s amazing how snake print just works with errrthang (or is that just in my wardrobe?) 

The main thing about shooting this look has prompted me to finally acknowledge that I’m not the happiest with how I look at the minute – a combo of been currently sans gym (thanks to a mistake with my membership) and bouts of weak mind with food choices is to blame and I don’t want to feel bad about myself anymore! So I’m resolving pub,icky that I’m going to start addressing this ASAP, feel free to share encouragement or any particular tips that you’re using to help you.

Waistcoat/Dress Missy Empire/ Shoes Public Desire/ Tattoos Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul (courtesy of Hugh Rice)

Which colour would you wear, and which way would you style it – waistcoat, top or skirt? Don’t forget to share your shape up tips with me in the comments on on Twitter (@IamJennyChat

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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