TRAVEL/ Things People Don’t Tell You About Las Vegas

Night shirt Boohoo 

My #LasVegas experience is almost over…so I thought I’d share some things that may be helpful for those of you travelling here in the future. 

1- The Vegas Sign   This awesome sign that everyone wants a pic with is pretty much next to the airport runway, so if you go during your trip it can be a loooooong walk from where you’re staying (or a semi-expensive taxi fare)

2- Taxis/Cabs   You can’t hail a cab in Vegas…I know right! Apparently it’s not legal for them to stop so going to a taxi rank or calling the company are the only ways and sometimes they take a little while so you need to allow for that…also, most of them aren’t yellow like this pic (I only mention this because I kind of expected them to be a bit like New York cabs) another little tip I learnt- if you’re taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel on the strip, make sure you ask the drive to avoid the tunnel as that can add on an extra $10 (legally the drivers have to take you the shortest route anyway but it’s worth knowing in case)

3- Buses are Good!   There’s a great local bus network that’s pretty cheap and travels right down the strip and to Freemont Street (aka ‘Old Vegas’). Better than the monorails and taxis easily! The SDX is much quicker but doesn’t stop everywhere, The Deuce takes forever but stops at every point on the strip

4- Sunday Pedestrians   Everyone in Vegas is slow, like, snail learning to crawl sloooooooow. Also, they have no comprehension of the fact that there are other people around them and think nothing of randomly stopping in the street, zig zagging a cross the sidewalk or chatting right in front of street crossings. Mucho annoying.

5- Street Drinking    Unsurprisingly, there are bars literally on the street! You can buy these massive yard high frozen cocktails and just walk around the strip…it doesn’t get much more Vegas than that!

6- Food    If you’re from a part of the UK that’s ridiculously cheap like me, all Vegas food seems very expensive…well on the strip it really is! Weirdly breakfast was one of the priciest meals for me, but as you can see by this pic, it was often well worth it! 

7-Things Close   Here’s me thinking that pretty much everything would be open all hours, but no. Restaurants and bars actually close, and some of them even close before midnight…wassup with that?!?!

8-Strip Club Promoters    Put it is way – if this is reflexion of how hot the girls would be in the club, people would be paying them to put it all back ‘ooooooon baby!

9- People Aren’t as Dressed up/Stylish as You Think    top Missy Empire

 this disappointed me as I thought everyone would be walking round in super high wedges and fabulous resort wear but nope, everyone dresses in shorts etc just like a regular holiday. Even in the evenings some people didn’t bother to change and stayed in the casinos in what they were wearing. However if you’re in Vegas on Friday/Saturday nights then people do glam up more.

10- It’s Not as Hot as You Think   Swimsuit Boohoo/ Sunglasses Cherry Diva

 we’ll obviously it is (in fact we were on a severe weather alert because temperatures spiked so high during our stay) but it’s not particularly humid. Most of the heat is dry in comparison to say Turkey, so when you’re walking between places it’s not as terrible as you’d imagine at all (unless you’re by the pool you’re mostly inside) obviously sun protection is still a must regardless!

Hope these tips help some of you a little bit, Begas is definitely worth a visit! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

4 thoughts on “TRAVEL/ Things People Don’t Tell You About Las Vegas

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  3. Rachel McNamara

    Great blog. Off to Vegas in September. Any ‘must do’s’? We plan to get the helicopter to the Grand Canyon, maybe see a show, stay on the strip etc.

    • You must go to Freemont Street (Old Vegas) I really enjoyed seeing that bit. Neon Boneyard (but in the daytime, areas a bit dodgy) and as many of the buffet restaurants as you can handle!

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