FASHION/ Old Town Vegas Feels 

Freemont Street aka Old Vegas is somewhere I felt really comfortable – it’s a street filled with music, laughter, entertainment, bright lights and plenty of what I’ll call ‘only in Vegas’ moments! The light show on the ceiling also adds another really cool element, and it just feels like another little resort within the city. 

I just thought I’d share an outfit I wore during one of my trips there (I made 2) which was a late afternoon into evening outing, so funky-casual felt like the order of the day. 


You may have seen a few celebs pictured wearing this pinafore in khaki which I also really like, but I purposely avoided that colour because I’d seen a few people wearing it and wanted to be a little different. 

I adore this rust colour for going into autum too so I’ll be wearing this with tights or long boots then. My only teeny issue with it came when I sat down as it revealed a bit more of my wibbly thighs than I’m comfor table with. But this is a piece I really like and have styled in a couple of different ways for day and night since I got it.

Pinafore Missy Empire/ Shoe Boots Ego/ Vest and Bag Booho/ Sunglasses Cherry Diva

Thanks for checking out my look, there may be more on the way soon.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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Depop: @iamjennychat

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