Say Whaaat…?? NO Shame in my Game

Over the weekend I had a slightly uncomfortable encounter. It started with deciding to try out my new extreme ripped jeans (not the ones in this pic, you’ll see them another time) to be brave and push my boundaries. However whilst I was wearing them…first, an older lady looked at me quizzically and started muttering unfavourable comments under her breath as she walked next to me. Shortly after, another girl who looked about my age but was a different dress size to me proceeded to give me the most obvious look of disgusted contempt I’ve ever seen as she walked past.

Both of these women’s reactions initially made me really cross – fair enough if they don’t like what I’m wearing, but did my outfit REALLY warrant such an overtly negative reaction? Nothing was hanging out that shouldn’t have been so it was a perfectly acceptable daytime look. So what if they wouldn’t have worn it; I wasn’t exactly crazy about their  outfits either but they didn’t see me openly judging them!

After I cooled down and had a bit more of a think about it; I decided I felt more pity than anger for these women. When I wear clothes I have fun- I enjoy trying different styles and looking for inspiration around me. I don’t profess to always get if right but I do make sure I feel good in what I’m wearing whenever I step outside the house. I suspect these women felt the need to judge because they saw me as different and maybe a bit braver than they would ever hope to be themselves. They’re the ones who are missing out on the experience of trying something new and realising how good it can feel when that works out and you look great. More to the point, women should support each other, not tear away at each other’s sense of self for no discernible reason. That’s never okay.

And that is why I stand by this quote 100%  

 I’ll forever wear what I want and, as long as I’m happy with that, that’s all I care about. 

Jacket In the Style/ Jeggings Miss Pap/ Fedora New Look/ Shoe Boots Primark

Stay Stylish (and Supportive!)

J 😘xx


5 thoughts on “Say Whaaat…?? NO Shame in my Game

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    that sounds horrible!! don’t listen to those people 😉 I have had the same experience too and it really often boils down to jealousy. either way, remind yourself that you’re happy doing what you want (and you’d be unhappy if living life on their terms!) ❤

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