FASHION/ Celeb Style Round Up

I’m so glad I was right last week when I predicted Fashion Week month would throw up some ultra fab #celebstyle – so far I’ve been beside myself with #NYFW and #LFW is looking pretty spectacular already. 

NYC be Jumpin’  

Serious – how HOT HAWT HAUTE are these women though?!?! The perfect combo over covered in with a hint of boob, and I’d forgotten how much I adored navy for this time of year. I’m definitely pining to go back to NYC now…steal Kloe’s style in this beaut Top Shop number.

 Dark, but not Moody 

That said, these gals do look a little bit moody! I think it’s more of a “we’re looking good and we damn well know it” face actually. I adore a bit of classic Fashion Week black (hence why I did head to toe black at the last LFW). Awesome looks ladies!

 Wrapping up for Aurumn 
It’s time for transitional dressing…but since the weather has been ridiculous lately it’s either a dark palette of summer cool a la Mollie, or button up cosy like Mylene. I’d totally wear both of these – this Quiz blazer will help any sassy black look pop like Ms King, Mylene’s cape is from her own #Littlewoods collection here.

Working that FRow 

Ridiculously simple yet chic and beautiful looks from these former #towie beauties, absolutely perfect for #LFW great muted tones and shapes of each piece. ADORE. I’ve found a great copy of Sam’s dress by Boohoo and these culottes by Pretty Little Thing  (which I own; stay tuned for a potential rip off look) will help replicate Lucy’s outfit.

 Jenner Watch  
 What’s fashion week without one now right? Kylie just had fun with fashion and will try everything which is the part of style that I enjoy most. In one week she’s done ghetto-preppy with those fabulous Gold Nike Air Max, cute lil white skater and cheeky cut out top complete with exposed bra. Moving on to sexy-ethereal mermaid (which can be created using the cute Boohoo coord) and finishing with ultra chic all black black cool n oversized Vera Wang…boom.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to catch up with my latest style post here as well.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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