FOOD & LIFESTYLE/ Say Whaaat…?? B fresh, b healthy

There’s a saying that I heard a few years ago that I often live by now “when a person receives good service, they tell someone about it, however if they receive bad service, they’ll tell EVERYONE they know” Which social media makes super easy to achieve. So for once, I thought I’d flip that on its head a bit…

Last week the lovely people at B fresh sent me a box of their juices to celebrate the company’s first birthday. I was particularly pleased by this because they didn’t send it to me because I’m a blogger- they sent it because they had seen that I’m one of their customers and wanted to thank me (and a few of their other customers too, if you check out their Twitter feed) for my support. 

I’m a massive believer in excellent customer service and rewarding brand loyalty (even though it’s nice to try new things as well) so I wanted to write a post to highlight how a fairly small gesture can really make a customer feel valued. THIS is how clever marketing is done!  

I’m a longtime fan of juices and have spent the last few years trying different types – what I’ve learnt is that I want something that ‘feels’ as healthy to consume as it looks; not loads of hidden extra fruit to bulk it out. B fresh is literally like drinking your salad (unlike other juices it’s usually sold next to the salad in the supermarket) which doesn’t leave that immediate bloated feeling that smoothies can sometimes leave. It’s an ideal compliment to a meal or on the go in between, which is particularly helpful since I’ve been trying to get my groove back with healthy eating and generally wellbeing (you may have seen this engined in previous posts)

Thanks B fresh for the kind gesture!

Stay Stylish (healthy and fresh)

J 😘xx

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