FASHION/ Dungarees ‘n Roll Necks

Happy #BlackFriday everyone, I’ve been poorly so have been up since 3am having a cheeky online shop! Hope you get some great bargains in the sales- buy what you need (or have wanted for ages if it’s on sale) don’t go nuts and be careful if you’re hitting shops in person please! 

This is what I wore when I went to see Alan Carr’s latest tour last week* I’ve enjoyed trying out dungarees soooo much! I feel really comfy AND stylish when I wear these which is the fashion Holy Grail in my opinion.

*Just a little aside- I met Alan after the gig – he stroked my new Top Shop faux leopard jacket and said he liked it.  
The strap slip was a genuine mistake, but I like it! Very 00’s Nicole Ritchie in The Simple Life (I totally know that some of you may need to google this and this reference shows my age soooo badly!)
  Totally crushing on these heels since I wore them to #LadbrokesLadiesDay a couple of months ago (you can see what I wore them with here, it’s a VERY different look)  I really like that the legs are slim fit with the top half being looser because it lets me play around with the silhouette without making me look massive which is really nice. Wearing a fitted top underneath, especially a style that’s kind of my ‘go to’ style makes it feel more me and brings the top proportions back to being more fitted. Plus, the fact that they’re cord means I’ve been really stroke able when wearing them…nice ‘touch’ for Mr Alice methinks. Hehe.

Dungarees In the Style, similar here (Boohoo)/ Roll Neck Top Shop/ Shoes AX Paris

Has anybody else tried dungarees this season? I want to see how you’re wearing them if so so don’t forget to share you pics and posts!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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