FASHION/ The Bomb(er) dot com

 My coat addiction has definitely been honed into a bomber jacket fetish – I think this is my fifth this year?!?! My justification is that the lovely blush/beige colour will carry me through to spring, and the soft suede fabric was too dreamy to resist…

Thanks to my girl Beckie for taking these pics in the most windswept conditions!            This last pic may appear sideways. It uploaded the right way up, so I’m damned if I know why! 

This is a fab way to wear all black but not look like you’re wearing you’re wearing all black – don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy rocking the moody/ninja vibes, but it’s nice to break it up a bit sometimes. You may not be able to see in these pics, but the heel on my boots adds an extra dimension to the all black too (you can see more of them in a previous post here)

Jacket Pretty Little Thing/ Jeans Top Shop/ Body Top Shop/ Boots EGO

Has anyone else developed a similar kind of coat obsession? I need to know I’m in good company over here!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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