BEAUTY/ Some natural-look treats for my face

I’ve been embracing more of a natural-nude type palette with my make up for the last few months, it seems to go with everything and is super easy to apply so it seems perfect for someone like me who isn’t exactly a beauty genius! 

These are a couple of my go-to products that I’ve been using since Chiristmas    

I picked up this Barry M Contouring Kit because it looked like an easy way to get started (it has instructions and everything). It definitely is, I just need to get a little better at blending the light and dark together! I often use an additional highlighter over the top of the lightest powder as well, just to make it pop.

The L.A.B.2 The Triple Threat multi-purpose brush had been great for me as no NOTHING about makeup brushes, so I’m grateful that they sent some to the #HBAlPorto event for me to try! I have a whole set now that I use daily for blush, shadow and brows and they’re exactly what I need.

Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes 1- nude. I also have the Little Mix more sparkly nude palette which has been very well loved, but this one is is extra subtle fir daytime which is ideal for an easy breezy look to pop to work or out to lunch. 

If you have some other great high street recommendations for natural looking products, shout ’em out to me!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

T: @ThisIsJennyChat

I: @thisisjennychat

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