FASHION & LIFESTYLE/ Treats to make a gal happy


                                               This is NOT a Valentine’s Day post

There are 365 days of a year to show a girl that you love her and you think she’s special. In fact, this year there are 366 – that’s a great excuse to pick another day to be spoilt “just because” in my book!

Being spoilt for me usually involves one of two things – relaxing, or pretty things. This gorgeously simple bracelet from the Joshua James collection is perfect for wearing anywhere at any time,the infinity charm adds that little romantic touch “we will be together for infinity” and all that.

I really enjoy a great smelling candle to help me feel a bit more relaxed at the end of a busy week. This Harper’s scent has been my fave over the winter as it smells of red wine and warmness (I got Mama Alice the Pomander and Cherry Bakewell scents for Christmas). I’ll be checking out the new season range really soon.

Infinity bracelet Joshua James*\ Candle Harper’s Bizarre

Check out the rest of the Joshua James collection and let me know which is your fave, and share any tips for new candle scents I should try.

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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