FASHION/ Hull Fashion Week 2016

This week the City of Culture 2017 celebrated our 6th annual fashion week, and of course I was frow and centre for its finale.

You can head over to my Snapchat (thisisjennychat) now & check out the live action from the day – but first, here are some snaps from the catwalk shows.

There was real mixture of styles and themes throughout the shows – I liked this Next maxi dress soooo much that I ran to the store in St Stephens to track it down for my Marbella trip! Sadly they didn’t have my size, but we have 2 more stores in Hull so I’m determined to snap it up.
I’ve been eyeing these for quite a while now…think maybe now is finally time to snap them up! 

There was some fab me swear looks, but my faves were definitely the more formal. Hull has some dapper looking gents! 
As LDW says, White isn’t just for Liz Hurley, and I totes agree! I think the crossover back detail of the jacket has a really nice synergy with the bodysuit, which is gorge colour for spring.

I ADORE these colours for summer! The khaki base of this New Look bomber keeps it a bit more chill.
This was my favourite look of the day – however I’m gutted that I couldn’t get great shots of how shimmery this dress is, and I’m also gutted that it’s vintage (by the wonderful Magpie’s Den, based in Hull) and someone already snapped it up! I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s stunning. 

Final shout out to my boy Lewis Duncan Weedon (LDW) who was back on co-presenting duty with the lovely James and Dan. Check out his social media along with my #snapchat and the HFW website for more!
Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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