You went MIA…AGAIN??

Blogging to you live from my sick bed, so this time it’s really not my fault! 

I’ve been poorly for a ridiculous 11 days – yesterday I was finally diagnosed with an infection hiding in my respiratory tract. Everything hurts – the only things I’ve been able to do have been lay down, watch tv and eat foods without hard edges…like chocolate and pizza. Yup, I’ve been so weak and greedy that I’m going to look awful when I can finally get out and shoot outfit pics again!

I’m hoping to be fighting fit again by next week, so thanks for bearing with me! In the meantime feel free to catch up with some other recent posts- some popular ones have been the Topshop everything stick, my sassy Clueless tee by Rock on Ruby and Things my blogging self worries about (which I’d love to hear more thoughts on)

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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