Say Whaaat…?/ Lessons I’ve learned from the ORIGINAL Alice

“I don’t know about you, but blog has just turned twooooooo…..”

As of yesterday Curious Alice Loves… is officially 2 years old! To mark the occasion I’m doing a couple of things, starting with this post, in honour of my blog’s namesake. 

As children we found Alice in Wonderland delightfully kooky and a bit silly. As adults we’re more likely to view it as dark, maybe a little bit sinister and totally off its head. However as a curious (naturally) English grad, I’ve dug a little deeper and found some real wisdom within the madness that we could all benefit from. Behold…

Surrounding yourself with genuine and positive influences really is the only way  

Toxic people are detrimental to your wellbeing. If the Mad Hatter has the clarity to see that, we all should. We all need to ditch the badness where we can – and where it’s not quite possible, make sure you can escape to something that’ll give you positive vibes to hold on to. Remember, a bad day doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life.

Imagine the impossible…and the possible

We have to use our imagination – if we don’t, how would we ever be able to realise what we wanted to do in life, what sort of person we wanted to be, that we could ever accomplish what may seem impossible to us now?

 5 years ago, I seriously doubted that I was capable of gaining a degree, but last year I did. This time last year, the thought of driving a car scared the crap out of me, but I finally passed my test 3 weeks ago. I made the things that felt impossible to me, possible. We could all do that with a commitment to making an effort.

Practice what you preach

I am sooooo with Alice on this one! I dole out advice when I feel I have something valid to add but I’m not always great at heeding what I say. For example- ditching the toxic forces for positive vibes, sadly I’m not great at doing that. Could be that it feels an impossible task? I need to work on making that possible. 

Look  to the future 

The past is what made you who you are, but the future is where who you are will grow and change. It can be lovely to pay quick visits to the past now and again (that’s  the what Facebook ‘On this day’ app is for, right?) but moving forward is where it’s at. Or where it’s going to be. 

Lacking direction doesn’t mean you’re a failure

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised something: I’m not a person who has or will ever have a lightbulb moment about my dream career. I can’t imagine thinking “this is what I want to do for the rest of my working life” because I have an extremely active mind that’s interested in lot of different things. And I’ve accepted that about myself and learnt that it’s ok to feel this way. It’s a great opportunity to experience everything I enjoy and have an interesting and varied work history. The fact that it may not all be the same profession doesn’t matter. 

I’m lucky that my current job has exposed me to a lot of different things that are really interesting and that I’m good at, and I can’t wait to explore some of these further when my role ends in a few months.


Dreaming is sooooo important, and NOT just for children. Firstly, to dream is to imagine the impossible that may become possible (see what I did there?). A lot of the best things in life start as a dream which could develop into a reality if you’re willing to invest effort and self belief in finding out exactly what you need to need to do to get there. And then do it, of course. 

Secondly, to dream is to escape. In a dream world we can be whoever and do whatever we want without consequence, and that’s totally liberating. A bit like Beyoncé when she became Sasha Fierce.

Embrace who you are

Conforming sucks! Alice danced to the beat of her own drum and made no apologies for who she was, and I admire that so much. I’m not the same as everyone else, I am a lil’ 50 shades of cray, and that’s not a bad thing. Hell I’m delightful, caring and hysterical, just ask Mr Alice! I acknowledge that there may be times when adhering to certain standards is necessary, but you can find a way to do this on YOUR terms so that you don’t lose your sense of self. The white rabbit once told Alice that she had lost her “muchness” but I’m determined never to lose my muchness ever again for the sake of anything.

One last point… 

Can I get a hella YEAH?!

The next couple of weeks of posting will see my birthday summer box giveaway, more Balmain-ness and #holiday packing. Don’t miss it!

Stay Stylish…and much-ey 😉

J 😘xx

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