36 Words of wisdom, wonderings and randomness.

Happy birthday to someone I have known my whole life – frenemy, fashion eclectic (and by eclectic I mean ‘swings between too glam to give a damn’ or ‘how many days have you not washed your hair and worn those leggings for gurl?) and THE best card DJ you would ever have the pleasure of riding with.


I’ve written down 36 thoughts below, one for each year. There’s nothing more profound than that I’m afraid, but I hope you are enjoyed and amused by at least a few of them!

1. Bridget Jones had it right on the money – whether my dress size says I’m a 10 or a 14, I will always be just a little bit fat.

2. A walk goes a long way to clear your head.

3. Diets do not work. At my lower moments I have hoped and prayed they would, but they don’t. If you go on a diet you have to come off one sometime. To prove it, last year I tried one of the latest weight loss fads, Boom Bod, click the hyperlink to see what happened.

4. Get me on karaoke to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy and I will crush it.

5. Victoria Beckham didn’t start her uber popular fashion brand until she was 34 after a whole other career, so there’s still a chance I could become some kind of mogul yet.

6. I happily fall asleep listening to something ‘murder-ey’ – Snapped: Killer Couples or Deadly Women are my faves.

7. 9 months is pretty much the maximum I can have a hair style/colour before I must change it immediately…then pining for my old look immediately.

8. In this life you’re one of two things: good at selfies, or not good at selfies.

9. I have the same eyebrow lady as Scary Spice (I wonder if she has a pre-appointment pink lemonade like I do?).

10. Some flaws are easier to embrace than others – it turns out what I thought were freckle clusters that came out in the sun are actually a skin condition called Melasma, but I think it’s cute so I don’t actively seek to cover it up.

11. Travel the world, but don’t forget what’s right on your doorstep – get to know the culture and beauty of your own country.

12. Only follow people on Instagram that make you happy or positively inspire you.

13. You can go to Benidorm an experience cool rooftop bars, instagrammable spots and fabulous steak. Trust me I’ve been there and done it!

14. Kusadasi is beautiful and very affordable part of Turkey to visit, but boy do most of the locals seem to despise British holidaymakers…

15. An Aperol Spritz becomes an extra lil’ something when you sub the soda water for fresh orange juice. Aperol Mimosa – you’re welcome.

16. Sunsets are one nature’s most beautiful occurrences, but so are sunrises. Plus, you don’t have to share them with as many people.

17. Why is it called hot chocolate if it’s frozen…is THAT the Serendipity??

18. If you’re in New York City and want to visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, the address is 66 Perry Street in Greenwich Village. It’s a small road just off Bleacker Street, and NYC cabbies have nooooo idea where it is when you ask them to take you there.

19. Strategically placed glitter can cover up sunburn a treat…but can literally take days to remove from your body. Even even when you think it’s all gone…bam, there’s a fleck on your right boob.

20. Not everybody will have the same beliefs or make the life choices as you; one size doesn’t fit all in this life and nor should it have to. You don’t have to understand why others do what they do, but you do have to accept it.

21. I am not Boiler Man.

22. For anyone who questions my driving ability – earlier this year I transported 16 cups of hot coffee from Costa along a very busy road and did not spill a drop (here’s a photo of my friend Rachel who was here to witness this crowning moment).

23. The first time I slept in a tent (well, yurt) as an adult, I woke up surrounded by heavy snow.

24. Meeting Santa is blooming brilliant, even if you don’t have kids.

25. I make a really nice paella.

26. I recently found out that I use the same Smashbox colour correcting primer as a well-known former football manager.

27. There’s a cult phenomenon in Hull called a ‘Shit on the grass’. It’s a shot available in the Old Town called the Manchester Arms, and if you’re ever in the city (or a local that has never partaken) you should stop by and check it out!

28. I once met Chubby Brown (unfortunately on purpose, but not by choice) and he said “testicles” to me.

29. I have also read Chubby Brown’s first autobiography (on purpose) which I quite enjoyed.

30. There’s ALWAYS something good about the place you live (well, I’d say a solid 95% of the time in exceptional circumstances. Find it and be proud! I love that the city I’m from is quirky and filled with street art galleries, comedy and music. Also, don’t let anybody talk smack about your home town unless they have the genuine insight to back it up.

31. Sometimes you’re weird because your are family are weird and they made you. You didn’t stand a chance.

32. Look up. Look around. Do it often.

33. The Dunelm Teddy Bear range is cosy AF, I’d recommend investing in some immediately if not sooner.

34. If we could all truly see the things that others thought were awesome about us for ourselves, the world could be…I don’t know how to finish this because we probably never will, but just imagine.

35. I’m the exact age I’m meant to be . It’s only myself that gives a shit what that number is, and only me that can stop myself feeling oldAF (if anyone has any tips to achieve this, please do comment below!).

36. I am so proud, thrilled and excited to be a co-founder and member of the HEY Bloggers community. I’m glad to say I count many of the people I have met on this journey so far as friends and all round lovely people. Thank you xx

let me know which number was your fave! Thanks for reading,

J xx

BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 22 – the official 2018 highlight reel

As you’re reading this I’m getting ready to travel to Leeds where I will hopefully spend a lovely festive time doing some casual last minute shopping, daytime drinking and winding down in to the Christmas holidays. We did the same last year and it was exactly like this, so hopefully history will repeat! You’ll be able to nosey in on my Instagram stories at what I get up to.

I really like reading posts like this, and writing them each year is a great reminder of the good things that have happened over the past 12 months, so here’s a (probably slightly longer than it should be, but hey it’s me) summary of how 2018 has gone down.


I kicked off the year with my 5 Things for 2018 pledge, which was a set of goals I hoped to achieve throughout the next 12 months. I also put myself on a spending detox as an alternative to dry January (which I managed to keep for about 3 weeks if memory serves). This month also saw my first ever comedy review post – Jason Manford’s Muddle Class tour.


The Mr and I headed across the Pennines to Manchester for a weekend break, where I finally got to meet the wonderful Dom face to face! I was super thrilled with the custom illustration he did for me. This month also saw the start of things to come in 2 areas of my life – we had a second viewing on a house we really liked, and I met a couple of new blogger friends…more on both of these later.


Myself and mama headed to Liverpool on a girl’s trip with our friends – we had drinks, food and did some shopping. We also had a night out to see Sarah Millican’s Control Enthusiast which formed my second comedy review of the year. I headed out to an influencer dinner at Tapasya Hull with blogger friends old and new and had some of THE most delicious Asian food I’ve ever had.


April was pretty quiet and not much to mention as we were getting ready to move house, other than a quick update on my 5 Things for 2018.


This month was all about 1 key event – WE FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE AND MOVED IN.


Hello June, hello mid-life crisis mode! I turned 35, became unemployed and finished my microblading treatment. As part of my celebrations I also went to see Tom Allen at Hull Truck Theatre (a mini review was included in my birthday post if you click the link above).

In a bid to get results from the latest weight loss fad, I tried Boom Bod to see if it would help me shift some blubber around my middle (as I’m sure you’ll already have guessed, it didn’t). I a slightly downward twist of fate, I ended up resigning from my job because I had been lied to about what it entailed and it just wasn’t for me (word to the wise kids: be VERY choosy when dealing with recruitment consultants)

By far, the highlight of the month was watching one of my oldest friends get married, which was a truly beautiful day.


There’s only one word to describe this month – HOT! As the heat wave hit I busied myself searching for a new job, and by the end of July I’d found it. This picture was taken as I got the call.

I also helped my mum to plan and deliver my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary – we went for vintage themed decor and old photographs alongside a traditional British- themed buffet which all went down a treat.

BUT, there was still more to come from this month…

I said hello to HEY Bloggers! Together with a group of 5 other blogging girls (2 of whom I met back in February) got together and formed an online community for targeted at united bloggers and creatives in Hull and East Yorkshire (hence HEY). We’d be talking about it for a little while but this month provided me with a bit of unexpected free time to work together and get it off the ground.


This was a pretty exciting month – as well as getting stuck into my new job, I went to Santorini and had a fabulous time! I shared my thoughts on things you should definitely do, a guide to the island and a guide to Greek food.

Then came #HEYlaunch the first official event for the HEY Bloggers community. It was held at the beautiful Hull Minster and got some great feedback.

As if August wasn’t quite jam-packed enough, I managed to squeeze in a quick 48 hours in London too! We went out of our way to do some different things which turned out really well.


This month was all about work and not to much else, however I did get to see Joe Lycett who is one of my very favourite comedians (I didn’t ever get round to writing a review, but it was bloody funny) and Gary Delaney (again, didn’t quite get around to writing a review, but this was I think my third time seeing him so that should give you a feel for my thoughts).


In an effort to get back in to my fashion stride on the blog, I re-launched my celeb style round up as weekly fashion faves

and for the very first time I experimented with full face makeup to go out for Halloween (which also saw me visit Spiders nightclub for the first time, a proper Hull institution).


I kicked my month with going to the Gok Wan ‘One Size fits All’ tour, bought a load of tea aaaaannnnnnddddddd………

I met freekin’ Santa!! Princes Quay kindly invited me to preview this year’s grotto, and it was everything you’d want a child to experience.

I rounded off the month by hopping on the radio on behalf of HEY Bloggers to talk about all things social media.


Which brings neatly to December – as it is for most people, there was quite a lot going on! On 1 December I kicked off #blogmas2018 and and visited the Urban Legends: Northern Lights projections in Hull.

I caught up with old friends for our annual festive night in (this ended up involving way more prosecco than it should have) and helped to host the HEY Bloggers Christmas party (I’ll talk more about that in the new year)

So that’s my year! There’s only really the actual Christmas holidays to go, which I’ll do in a separate post before New Year.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

FASHION & BEAUTY/ Post birthday haul

It’s normal to get a lil’ spend happy around your birthday right? Well that’s what I did this year! Here’s a rundown of my newly stocked wardrobe and beauty cabinet…

 Pretty Little Thing sequin bomber it’s ridiculous to think that I could have not bought this really…it’s beautiful! When I walk up my path and the sun is shining, I can see it shimmering away in my wardrobe, next to the cool af black version I bought a few months ago. I’m just waiting for the right time to share in a post of their very own so they can be seen in their full glory.
EGO furry sliders
These are the lightest and comfiest sliders EVER – perfect for taking on holiday now that luggage allowance is shrinking. I need them in more colours immediately.

 Miss Pap nude long sleeveless jacket

My sleeveless jacket obsession of last year has crept in a little, but I like that this is a longer length and therefore less potential for windswept moments. I’m looking forward to taking this on holiday in a few weeks.

 Boohoo navy harem jumpsuit
Definitely purchased with holidays/hot weather in mind. I have it in khaki which I wore in Vegas last year, it’s really comfortable and cool to wear walking around. I really like the extra pointy bits on gone side for an extra bit of drama.

Rock on Ruby make up bag, NYX soft matte lip cream in London, Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter, Nip + Fab Dragon’s blood fix plumping serum, Benefit They’re real! mascaraI clearly didn’t I got enough ROR merch with my 2 birthday bags (not forgetting all my tees and sweatshirt, and mug) did I! This is so cute and a great size for thre extra makeup I’ll need to take away with me. 

My usual #NYX lip cream is Stockholm but I wanted to try a darker shade. This is more of a pure nude which isn’t quite what I was after but it works well for daytime for the moment.

I haven’t had any good #Benefit products in ages so ive been long overdue to rectify this (I also had my brows done using the new brow products. Honestly, they looked fabulous). So far I’ve had lots of lovely comments on my lashes and am enjoying the more muted champagne shade of the highlighter. I’m used to using High Beam so this is a by more subtle.
NKD SKN Pre- shower tan, Barry M Molten nail paint in Copper Mine, Coco Brown Golden Goddess shimmering body oil, NYX Prismatic eye shadow in Liquid gold, NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in TeddyThis is my bronze-y summer collection of stuff! I haven’t tried the tan yet but will report back when I do. 

I like the colour of the nail polish but I definitely wouldn’t say that it looks molten-like when it’s on, copper with a silver shimmer running through would be a better description. 

I’ve wanted the body oil for ages and they finally started stocking it in #Hull it’s everything I expected and more! Great on untamed skin so this is going to look INSANE when I bronze up a bit. Tip: a little shimmer goes a loooooong way, so use sparingly

Recently I put a call out on Twitter for suggestions of a copper-y/orange coloured shadow, and the lovely Megan suggested this, which is turned out to be a great recommendation. The pigmentation is really strong and long lasting, so it’s become a go-to shade for me at the moment.

This is the third lingerie lippy I’ve bought, I won’t be stopping there! I really like this darker brown shade (though it doesn’t look this colour online) it makes me feel very sassy and cool. You know what they say: fake it ’til ya make it. 

A few quick swatches – all unblinded Left – eye shadow, highlighter, body oil
Right- lingerie, matte lip cream

Hope you enjoyed the haul, let me know which products you like the most.

Stay stylish,


FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ What I got for my birthday

It was my birthday on 21 June – yay for getting spoilt, boo for getting older! I actually don’t mind getting older usually but I feel like my new age is just a bit ‘meh’ at the minute, I’m confident it’ll get better though! Here’s a little round up of some of my gifts 

Treasure huntYup, that’s right – Mr Alice decided to start my day with a dash around the house to find my gift! It started in our bedroom and ended in our drinks cupboard, and inside the final clue informed me that he would be whisking me away for a spa break. Eek!

Rainbow roses I don’t think I EVER want any other type of flower again!

Light box by Ginger SnapI’ve wanted one of these for ages! I’ve been posting new messages on it every day and uploading them to Twitter.

Sleep tee, BoohooIf you read my Sleepwear Sass post a little while back you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with cute sleepy tees and PJs. Definitely think they missed a trick not making this one yellow though? I’ve already seen more that I want from boohoo so im sure I’ll be ordering more soon.

Star print lounge suit, BoohooIt was only after opening this that I realised that my loungewear actually matches my lounge! It’s black and grey with a floral feature wall, I kinda wish it was star print like this sassy-ass set though. This is another type of clothing I’m obsessed with, I’m going to need a whole extra wardrobe for this and my sleepwear pretty soon…

Ted Baker cosmetic purse and Cerruti 1881I’m going on holiday again soon so this wipe clean pouch is perfect for keeping cosmetic bits in my hand luggage, and this my fave evening perfume that is the perfect size (under 100ml) to travel with it.

Small paella pan (similar here)Bless Mama Alice – after spending a week with me in Marbella eating paella or tapas almost every night, she thought I should try and have a go at making it myself! If anyone has a great healthy recipe be sure to let me know(preferably without calamari or prawns)

Rock on Ruby pins colada backpackROR’s summer range is ridiculous cute – pastel shades mixed with neon pops mixed with quotes from summertime classics*. As soon as I saw this this bag I knew it would be perfect for holidays and for the gym and dropped a LOT of hints to make sure I got it!

*this quote is from Escape (The Pina Colada song) if you’ve never heard it I strongly advise you have a cheeky listen here. WARNING: it’s a catchy lil tune!

Rock on Ruby yes I like pina coladas tote bagI really this bag as well – I used a tote to take extra bits to work and in case I pick up any shopping whilst I’m out and about. The fact that it’s candy pink and matches my backpack is merely a beautifully coordinated bonus.
Marks & Spencer Rosado cava brut Cava has always been my favourite of the sparkling beverages, and in the UK I’m yet to find a better one than M&S. Mr Alice and I bought a cases of the medium brut (green bottle, dark green label) for our wedding reception and I’ve adored it ever since.

Pandora passport pendant charm

My very thoughtful sister in laws remembered a conversation in which I said I wanted this or the little airplane so suprised me with this. I only have one more space on my bracelet now, wonder what will complete it…

Aaaaaaand one final thing that my friend Sarah bought me on the day – we said we’re going out for lunch, but ended up with THIS… Stay stylish,

And Furley and Co. even put a candle in it for me, definitely a change from the usual birthday cake!

I had a lovely day off work and being chill so it was a good day and exactly what I needed.

Thanks for reading; there’s lots more fashion, beauty and fun on the way very soon.

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx

Say Whaaat…?/ Lessons I’ve learned from the ORIGINAL Alice

“I don’t know about you, but blog has just turned twooooooo…..”

As of yesterday Curious Alice Loves… is officially 2 years old! To mark the occasion I’m doing a couple of things, starting with this post, in honour of my blog’s namesake. 

As children we found Alice in Wonderland delightfully kooky and a bit silly. As adults we’re more likely to view it as dark, maybe a little bit sinister and totally off its head. However as a curious (naturally) English grad, I’ve dug a little deeper and found some real wisdom within the madness that we could all benefit from. Behold…

Surrounding yourself with genuine and positive influences really is the only way  

Toxic people are detrimental to your wellbeing. If the Mad Hatter has the clarity to see that, we all should. We all need to ditch the badness where we can – and where it’s not quite possible, make sure you can escape to something that’ll give you positive vibes to hold on to. Remember, a bad day doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life.

Imagine the impossible…and the possible

We have to use our imagination – if we don’t, how would we ever be able to realise what we wanted to do in life, what sort of person we wanted to be, that we could ever accomplish what may seem impossible to us now?

 5 years ago, I seriously doubted that I was capable of gaining a degree, but last year I did. This time last year, the thought of driving a car scared the crap out of me, but I finally passed my test 3 weeks ago. I made the things that felt impossible to me, possible. We could all do that with a commitment to making an effort.

Practice what you preach

I am sooooo with Alice on this one! I dole out advice when I feel I have something valid to add but I’m not always great at heeding what I say. For example- ditching the toxic forces for positive vibes, sadly I’m not great at doing that. Could be that it feels an impossible task? I need to work on making that possible. 

Look  to the future 

The past is what made you who you are, but the future is where who you are will grow and change. It can be lovely to pay quick visits to the past now and again (that’s  the what Facebook ‘On this day’ app is for, right?) but moving forward is where it’s at. Or where it’s going to be. 

Lacking direction doesn’t mean you’re a failure

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised something: I’m not a person who has or will ever have a lightbulb moment about my dream career. I can’t imagine thinking “this is what I want to do for the rest of my working life” because I have an extremely active mind that’s interested in lot of different things. And I’ve accepted that about myself and learnt that it’s ok to feel this way. It’s a great opportunity to experience everything I enjoy and have an interesting and varied work history. The fact that it may not all be the same profession doesn’t matter. 

I’m lucky that my current job has exposed me to a lot of different things that are really interesting and that I’m good at, and I can’t wait to explore some of these further when my role ends in a few months.


Dreaming is sooooo important, and NOT just for children. Firstly, to dream is to imagine the impossible that may become possible (see what I did there?). A lot of the best things in life start as a dream which could develop into a reality if you’re willing to invest effort and self belief in finding out exactly what you need to need to do to get there. And then do it, of course. 

Secondly, to dream is to escape. In a dream world we can be whoever and do whatever we want without consequence, and that’s totally liberating. A bit like Beyoncรฉ when she became Sasha Fierce.

Embrace who you are

Conforming sucks! Alice danced to the beat of her own drum and made no apologies for who she was, and I admire that so much. I’m not the same as everyone else, I am a lil’ 50 shades of cray, and that’s not a bad thing. Hell I’m delightful, caring and hysterical, just ask Mr Alice! I acknowledge that there may be times when adhering to certain standards is necessary, but you can find a way to do this on YOUR terms so that you don’t lose your sense of self. The white rabbit once told Alice that she had lost her “muchness” but I’m determined never to lose my muchness ever again for the sake of anything.

One last point… 

Can I get a hella YEAH?!

The next couple of weeks of posting will see my birthday summer box giveaway, more Balmain-ness and #holiday packing. Don’t miss it!

Stay Stylish…and much-ey ๐Ÿ˜‰

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx


Greetings on #Halloween – I don’t normally do these sorts of posts but I thought I’d  give it a try since it’s been a busy month!

Brucie’s first birthday   My stunningingly beautiful nephew (Bruce isn’t his real name, that’s just his nickname from when my sister in law was pregnant) turned 1 and was a very spoilt little man. Of course, the funky-ass shirt at the front of the pic is from me! I’m very excited that I’ll be getting a baby niece over the festive period too, pink and frilly things ahoy!

Buying new clothesI’ve been doing a LOT of shopping to get new stuff for A/W  as well as for my new job- combining my style with a more professional atmosphere has been interesting but I think I’m getting there! This was just a cheeky pick took on my walk to work in a risky double mustard combo – 1 of my fave colours for the season so I thought why not?!? 

Hair-education  I spent some time with Rick Roberts learning about new ways to style my hair and give it more oomph – you can read a little more about that in my #TOTALHAIRCONFIDENCE post

Eating out Also another thing that’s happened a lot this month, possibly a little too much dare I say…Mr Alice and I have started a new Friday evening ritual – go straight out for dinner after work to wind down from the week and get the weekend started right, there may be a cheeky glass of red involved too! Our favourite place this month has been Sleepers which does mainly European inspired dishes…lots of yummy choices for me then!

 Trying dungarees  I bought these beauties as a fashion experiment and am now OBSESSED; I got so many lovely compliments wearing them…look out for them in their own post soon!
Finding cut lil’ home touches   I’ve been in my house for 5yrs and it’s STILL nowhere near being finished…but it’s a little more homely now thanks to some cute touches! These wooden letters by  Matalan are to hang in my bedroom. The Bath & Body Works candle is another souvenir from #Vegas 

Planning new adventures   Mama Alice and I are planning a ‘girls on tour’ getaway for 2016 to Marbella baby! This is Jenny, her BFF (we used to be Big Jen and Little Jen when I was younger) who’s joining us with her eldest daughter, and this is the only pic I can share from our night of planning…we’re all a bit crazy when we get together, watch out Marbs!

Writing for Loco
Following in my girl Alex who wrote her trend report in the previous issue of Loco Magazine I wrote a piece for the Health & Wellbeing issue featuring some of my favourite brands – including Cocoa Brown and Rock on Ruby. You can read the full issue here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

Stay Stylish

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx

Fashion. Food. Fun/ It’s ma Birthday, It’s ma Birthday…


I enjoy birthdays a lot, but for the last few years I’ve had a major chip on my shoulder about my age. I don’t know if it’s being at uni and being around people a lot younger that seem way cleverer than me, or whether it’s because I haven’t achieved my career goals yet. It may even be because I kind of like going to bed at 9pm on Friday nights sometimes because there’s no alarm to wake me up the next morning. But I have a great feeling about my new age so I’m going to try and stop the “I’m so old, woe is me” thoughts NOW. 

Night Out  

Mr Alice and I hit the town, drank mojitos and had a good giggle. My skirt is part of a coord by In the Style by Lauren Pope (it’s sold out but she’s just launched her high summer collection which is definitely worth a look) and my shoes are Ego.


This pic is a drink that I’ve come to know as a traditional Hull right of passage – it’s a shooter called S**t on the Grass which is from a pub in the Old Town called Machester Arms. If you’re ever here, you need to try it.


It’s been a big year for us money/celebration wise so I was expecting a fairly low key birthday…but boy was I spoilt! This is just some of the clothing I got, there were different bits too which I’ll share soon. I’m going to attempt a ‘birthday haul’ video shortly so look out for it (as well as pieces and items on future posts) 

A Lil’ Cocoa Never Hurt Nobody 


I’ve heard so many good things about Roast and Conch by Hotel Chocolat that it was high time I tried it for myself! It has a nice vibe of relaxing wood study meets exposed steel loft, and I was not disappointed by the food. Delicious! My only critique would be that they overcharge a little for the portion sizes given that we’re up North, and it’s a shame they don’t offer their usual set menu on weekends as it would’ve made an ideal Sunday lunch option. I didn’t have dessert as Mr Alice had treated me to a massive piece of my favourite cake from my fave bakery and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for that.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Stylish

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx

FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Happy Sunday to you all! For those of you in the UK today is #FathersDay but for me there’s something way more exciting….ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yup, I was born on the longest day of the year aka the Summer #Solstice. It’s also #PrinceWilliam ‘s birthday today (but he’s a year older than I am) so happly birthday to him as well. It’s not a landmark birthday but I’m still hoping for a few presents, yummy food and some fun with Mr Alice! Stay tuned to my social media accounts (find links to them here) for what I get up to, I’m sure there’ll also be some related posts next week. Like a fine wine I’m totally getting better with age…hehe

Anyway, on with the style…

Black ‘n White Fabulous    
You’ll know from previous #celebstyle posts that monochrome (and stripes in particular lately) are my fave! There’s some great pieces out there right now but Rochelle’s is the first I’ve seen that’s a less casual non-trouser look. It’s a great summer look, completed by her monochrome clad hubby! I’m always trying to instill the virtues of cohesive couples outfits to Mr Alice (he remains unconvinced but mostly goes with it for a quiet life). This dress is by Spotted in Celeb and would completely gorgeous for a cool night out as well as her super chic daytime style. 

Lucy’s quirky mesh shoes are from Office and add enough interest to her ultra sleek sexy black suit without going OTT. Her understated POW is what stands out, it’s not a look we normally see in her but I’m totally digging it. Top marks for that popping red lip as well, one of my other all time faves.

Danielle’s look is so simple but so chic, I’ve always thought black and white pared together properly looks so glam. This lovely waistcoat she’s wearing is literally THE best bargain you can buy this summer courtesy of In The Style. I’m actually wearing this in khaki today weather permitting (I think it comes in 3 colours) but in a totally different way which I’ll share with you soon. I think I may also need to snap up the black version immediately though!

I like it when Cara steps away from her usual super-cas funky look and does something a bit more polished – this outfit is almost like a modern day quirky VB for me, the brogues stay true to her funked up self even when she’s rocking a frock. If anyone caught her appearance on the Graham Norton show earlier this week that outfit was a total triumph – slashed leather treggings. Adore!

 Wearing Blue, Feeling Anything But   

 Some cool mega babes working that casual vibe….so much so that Daisy emblazoned that on her chest for all to see! I’m such a fan of cas-ing up a pencil skirt with a tee, though I’m a little short to pull off the converse with this length (maybe switching it out for more of a mini?). Create your own slogan tee with my fave Rock on Ruby and let the world know how mega you are!

Ripped skinnies and a sleeveless duster – so easy, so fab, so me. It’s a style we can all do (and one I do quite a bit). I also found out this week that Kyles and I share a mutual appreciation for Cocoa Brown Tan – I did it first! You can remind yourselves of my CB my tanning exploits here. My fave denim for this look are the Top Shop Jamie Jeans (I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t an exact match to Kyle’s either) and there’s a really similar maxi duster available from Missguided who her pal Pia Mia (pictured) has just collaborated with. Embrace the easy chic.

Two of my fave boho girls working it in…well, boho! Vanessa’s shirt is a great little nod (though the shoes can’t be comfortable in the NYC heat without socks) but I’d go full on hippy in this print tunic dress by Miss Pap. The cute lace detail is also hitting that extra trend too. Perrie’s jumpsuit are also hitting a few marks – denim, dungarees and 70s. You can get her exact look from ASOS, I bet it would look awesome styled for the evening too.

And the ‘Too Glam to Give A Daaaaaaamn’ Award goes to…   

Yay Kenny! She’s killing it all over the world right now. I’ve seen a slightly more relaxed red maxi by Nostalgia for In the Style (that could easily be daytime glam too) teamed with this fierce court shoes from my current obsession Public Desire.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s looks, let me know what you think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Stay Stylish

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx

FASHION/ Birthday Wishlist (2015)


Dorothy Perkins Blush Daisy Burnout Tee/ Honeyz Mini V Heels/ ASOS Bodycon Dress with Metallic Finish/ Skinnydip London iPhone 5 Unicorn Phone Case/ Missguided Zip Front Faux Leather Mini Skirt – Pink

Missy Empire Shona Dusty Pink Coord/ Public Desire Jennie Fringe Heels/ Glamorous at Top Shop Crossover Cami Bodysuit/ Nostalgia by In The Style Giraffe Print Shorts/ Cherry Diva Black Harness Bralet

It’s my Birthday next week, yay! I don’t care what people say – I always look forward to mine no matter how old I get…well, so far at least. As well as cake (obviously!) I like getting presents rather than money, especially if it’s things I’ve wanted for a while. It’s also nice to have something new to wear for my birthday itself – Mr Alice is treating me to a day of shopping and food, perfect.

My list is inspired by my upcoming summer – nights out, blogger events and my holiday to Las Vegas. I need to make sure my fashion game is brought! If you see anything else that I should add to my list feel free to comment below.

Stay Stylish

J ๐Ÿ˜˜xx