FASHION/ The sandals of the moment…

I’ve noticed this style in stores around the world for the last couple of years – from Hull to New York and all over the cool af e-tailer sites, this is what people are going nuts for in the summer.

I find this HILARIOUS. 

To explain why this is – to me, these will always be known as ‘Menorcan sandals’ favoured by the old men and small children of the Baleric isle. When I working there as a holiday rep in the summer of 03 my friends and I viewed Avarcas (to give them their correct name) as a bit of a novelty item- it was part of the local charm, but they were so kitsch we adore them. I think most of us bought a pair as a momento.

But as we’ve gotten older, we’ve all realised something: these shoes are actually a really great buy. They’re a simply shape, made of real leather and are ridiculously comfy. For about 25€ (£20 ish) that’s pretty darn good. AND, I haven’t even mentioned the soles…they kinda look like car tires right? That’s because they are! So they’re also great for times where you’re walking a long way, walking over slippery surfaces (holiday promenades are a real bitch for that) and also give a really good grip when you’re driving. Because they’re genuine tire, you won’t have to get a new pair for miles and miles….haha. However, as they come in amazingly large shade of rainbow colours and prints (the glitter ones scream Ibiza and festival vibes) I kind of wanna buy more! 

So my hot fashion tip for the summer would be – if you’re going to buy this style, invest and make it a decent pIr that will love your feet back. They’re exported to a lot of other Spanish destinations (I spotted them in Marbella) so you can pick them up on your travels, or hit up the Official Avarca website*

*NB – there are other Spanish companies that make these, and the quality does look just as good, but their prices are about double as they’re trading off them being a current trend. Don’t be fooled!

Stay stylish (and super comfy)

J 😘xx

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