June Favourites

I’ve NEVER done one of these posts before but, since they’re one of my fave types to watch/read from others, I thought I’d give it a go! 


Off the shoulder Bardot, cold shoulder, oversized and casually sliding off the shoulder…I adore them all! I have this In the Style beauty as part of a coord in 4 colours (I know, not at all like me is it. Hehe) and have been wearing them every time there’s a break in the dark clouds. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with off the shoulder since I was about 18 and The gypsy trend was in full effect.


Spanish foodYou may have seen on Instagram that I recently went on holiday to Marbella with Mama Alice – and for the whoooole time we were there I made her eat paella or tapas every single night! Spanish food is in my top 5 of favourite food EVER for sure. I’m going to Barcelona really soon and have heard they do tapas tours so I’m super excited to sign up for one of those.This paella is one the first one I have ever myself using my new pan (as seen in my recent Birthday post) and it was pretty yummy!

Candy Kittens Fresh Raspberry jelliesI bought these on a whim from the Sainsbury Local opposite my house – theyir products have never been stocked before I was intrigued to test them out. The outer part looks like the flavour could be quite muted or almost ‘milky’ if that makes sense, but they’re super juicy and the flavour lasts right until the very end. They’ve been a good alternative to keep on my desk for when the sugar cravings hit.


Ministry of Sound Throw Back Summer Jamz

My music tastes were definitely formed between the ages of 16 – 23, so my go-to tunes are a kind of a pop/garage/RnB mash up. Almost every song in this collection transforms me back to a fun memory which is lovely driving to/from work.
What else?

Light box(also part of my recent birthday post) I don’t know how I lasted so long without one of these now I have one – cute messages, inspirational quotes, letting Mr Alice know I’ve popped out…

Hope you like my first ever (short but sweet) favourites post; I’m working on July already!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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