FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ August favourites

I can’t believe we’re in September already! A month that is commonly associated with ‘back to school’ (and in our house it still is) but now it’s also associated with changing seasons, taking on new challenges and (my fave) refreshing wardrobe staples! Here are some of the best things about August for me…

Fashion (Mama Alice and I REALLY need to up our selfie game don’t we!)

Quay Australia are kind of a blogger fave – with cool shapes and funky mirrored lenses, why wouldn’t everybody adore them? I picked up these beauties from Topshop Oxfor St at the start of the summer, and have basically alternated between these and the black pair I’ve been wearing to death since last year. Despite that, my sunnies collection is still steadily growing… Food I’ve often struggle to unwind and get a decent night’s sleep for most of my adult life, but I’ve found these Pukka teas have been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER in this process! I was introduced to these by a work colleague who recommended the Herbal Collection (which is a great combo) they seemed to work really well so I got an entire box of the Detox and Night Time. After using them for a month they’ve really helped me feel calm and wind down as part of my evening routine. Truly amazing find for my lifestyle.


I finally managed to get some good quality time in with my girls in August which was a lot of fun and long overdue! Coffee dates, laid back dinners and bank holiday drinks, I’ve got some fun memories to smile about.

What else?

I think the more ‘unexpected’ colours are super sassy – even #snapchat is getting in on this action! I really like that it’s a fun yet slightly gothic kind of look, really cool for A/W evenings and #LFW street style. I’ve invested in a couple of the NYX soft matte cream shades to have a play with, I’ll be showing off the results on social media if it goes well!

Have a fabulous month of refreshing goals and refreshing your wardrobe!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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