FASHION/ Fashion Favourites – January 2018

As I’m currently on a spending detox and am therefore only shopping within my current closet, I thought it seemed like a good time to share the items I’ve been wearing the most recently and why I like them:

1. Belted ribbed cardigan, Topshop

Towards the end of last year I became a little bit obsessed with oversized cardigans, as this is one of the easiest colours I have it tends to get worn the most as I can chuck it on over anything. As the winter has been a little milder in my part of the world I’ve found it a really useful alternative to a coat when travelling short distances as it’s really thick and cosy.

2. Mom jeans, ASOS

As well as the black pair I featured throughout my ‘favourite outfits of the past year’ post, I also picked these babies up in blue. They’ve become my unofficial ‘off duty’ jeans as they’re a bit more of a relaxed fit and they can be pared with practically everything else I own for casual day to funky evening wear.

3. Baker boy hat, Topshop

I haven’t had a good hat for ages, and I’ve been wearing this non-stop. It’s been great for still feeling put together when I can’t be bothered to make much of an effort.

4. Sweatshirt, Tee and Cake

I just really wanted a pink jumper for some reason! I’m loving this with my mom jeans and trainers for running around at weekends, I feel very slouchy and cute.

5. Sneakers, Converse

I’ve been reaching for these as my first choice most weekends for the past couple of months, but since I’ve started a job that has a more casual dress code I’ve been wearing them almost every day for work too. They feel pretty secure on my feet while I’m driving as well as hard-wearing whilst I’m generally running around.

6. Red ankle boots, Public Desire

My feet feel so extra in these! The heel is just my ‘happy height’ (about 3ins) so I can be on my feet in them for a while, and they’re an awesome way of adding a colour pop to an outfit.

So far staying clear of the shops seems to be going ok – that said it’s only been a couple of weeks; I have four more to go! I hope you’re all doing well with your own goals if you’ve set them, if not then well done continuing to slay your way through life.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BEAUTY/ March Favourites 

Another month of 2017 gone…that’s crazy! Unfortunately for me it’s been another month that’s brought me a fresh bout of illness, so my top three faves for the past month are things that have helped me fake a healthy look.

Garnier Skin active micellar cleansing gel wash, combination & sensitive skinI’ve always been a bit ‘meh’ about micellar water, it just hasn’t worked that well for me. This stuff, however, is bloody marvellous! 

I’ve had quite a few breakouts lately so I wanted something that may help calm those down. This thoroughly cleans my face, melts up all my makeup in seconds and has left my skin super soft and spot free. It’ll definitely be sticking around in my bathroom cabinet.

LUSH lip scrubMy lips have been so gross with the rapid changes in temperature and bouts of illness, so this has been a real treat to use to help them look and feel as soft as my skin. 

This particular one is from the Valentine’s range and smells just like Love Heart sweets; I think it’s been discontinued but there lots of other yummy scents to try out. Not sure whether chocolate or honey will be my next pick…

Wet Brush pro
This definitely comes under the heading ‘social media made me buy it’ (I’ll be doing a dedicated post on this very soon) and I’m sooooo glad I did! 

My hair has become increasingly more knotted and unruly over the years, to the point where even a Tangle Teaser hurts and pulls through it. For bristles so soft it glides beautifully through my hair at all times, I still get the odd hideous knot but this makes it MUCH kinder to deal with.

Here’s hoping for a healthier and happier April!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ September favourites

Another month has whizzed past in a blur of work (brand new work, so extra exciting) and randomness! Here’s what’s been loved by Curious Alice in the last month…


This pic covers two fashion faves – khaki and new short hair. My entire A/W wardrobe is shaping up to be khaki, rose pink, black and white so far, which I’m pretty happy with. 

I was inspired to get my hair chopped after seeing Lilah Parsons’ new ‘do (adore her) of a bob with some long fringe-ey bits, and of course turned to Chelsea to change it up. I’m really liking the end result but am still trying to get into the groove of styling it myself. I’ll get there, but any tips are always welcome.


This month I’ve not chosen a food, so much as a food movement. You’ve seen previous posts that have mentioned #HullFoodie (my first was a review of The Mad Italian) however since then myself and the lovely Courtney have launched this as an official brand to be embraced by all! We held our first official get together on 4 October so you’ll be seeing a post about that very soon. If you fancy having a nosey at what we’re doing feel free to give the Twitter and Instagram a follow.


I had such a giggle at the #napoleonsbloggersnight at the beginning of the month – yummy food, lovely company and some not so serious betting! Unusually, I was one of the last ones standing along with Ashton and am definitely up for getting the girls together for a return visit very soon.

What else? 

Ok, so this could have clearly been fashion and food, but I choose to classify it as mermaids and sparkles! As the nights get colder I will be cozying up in my new Boohoo blanket and trying to avoid cakes and sweet treats (this is a matcha and raspberry cupcake by Blondes.

 More posts coming this month, pinky promise!

Stay stylish,


FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ August favourites

I can’t believe we’re in September already! A month that is commonly associated with ‘back to school’ (and in our house it still is) but now it’s also associated with changing seasons, taking on new challenges and (my fave) refreshing wardrobe staples! Here are some of the best things about August for me…

Fashion (Mama Alice and I REALLY need to up our selfie game don’t we!)

Quay Australia are kind of a blogger fave – with cool shapes and funky mirrored lenses, why wouldn’t everybody adore them? I picked up these beauties from Topshop Oxfor St at the start of the summer, and have basically alternated between these and the black pair I’ve been wearing to death since last year. Despite that, my sunnies collection is still steadily growing… Food I’ve often struggle to unwind and get a decent night’s sleep for most of my adult life, but I’ve found these Pukka teas have been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER in this process! I was introduced to these by a work colleague who recommended the Herbal Collection (which is a great combo) they seemed to work really well so I got an entire box of the Detox and Night Time. After using them for a month they’ve really helped me feel calm and wind down as part of my evening routine. Truly amazing find for my lifestyle.


I finally managed to get some good quality time in with my girls in August which was a lot of fun and long overdue! Coffee dates, laid back dinners and bank holiday drinks, I’ve got some fun memories to smile about.

What else?

I think the more ‘unexpected’ colours are super sassy – even #snapchat is getting in on this action! I really like that it’s a fun yet slightly gothic kind of look, really cool for A/W evenings and #LFW street style. I’ve invested in a couple of the NYX soft matte cream shades to have a play with, I’ll be showing off the results on social media if it goes well!

Have a fabulous month of refreshing goals and refreshing your wardrobe!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

June Favourites

I’ve NEVER done one of these posts before but, since they’re one of my fave types to watch/read from others, I thought I’d give it a go! 


Off the shoulder Bardot, cold shoulder, oversized and casually sliding off the shoulder…I adore them all! I have this In the Style beauty as part of a coord in 4 colours (I know, not at all like me is it. Hehe) and have been wearing them every time there’s a break in the dark clouds. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with off the shoulder since I was about 18 and The gypsy trend was in full effect.


Spanish foodYou may have seen on Instagram that I recently went on holiday to Marbella with Mama Alice – and for the whoooole time we were there I made her eat paella or tapas every single night! Spanish food is in my top 5 of favourite food EVER for sure. I’m going to Barcelona really soon and have heard they do tapas tours so I’m super excited to sign up for one of those.This paella is one the first one I have ever myself using my new pan (as seen in my recent Birthday post) and it was pretty yummy!

Candy Kittens Fresh Raspberry jelliesI bought these on a whim from the Sainsbury Local opposite my house – theyir products have never been stocked before I was intrigued to test them out. The outer part looks like the flavour could be quite muted or almost ‘milky’ if that makes sense, but they’re super juicy and the flavour lasts right until the very end. They’ve been a good alternative to keep on my desk for when the sugar cravings hit.


Ministry of Sound Throw Back Summer Jamz

My music tastes were definitely formed between the ages of 16 – 23, so my go-to tunes are a kind of a pop/garage/RnB mash up. Almost every song in this collection transforms me back to a fun memory which is lovely driving to/from work.
What else?

Light box(also part of my recent birthday post) I don’t know how I lasted so long without one of these now I have one – cute messages, inspirational quotes, letting Mr Alice know I’ve popped out…

Hope you like my first ever (short but sweet) favourites post; I’m working on July already!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx