LIFESTYLE/ The legit Bath & Body Works dupes

Autumn is officially here – time for layered up outfits, cosy nights in and autumnal smelling scents.

I saw on social media that a fellow blogger claimed she had found the PERFECT dupe for the delicious 3-wick candles that are lusted after by many, but can be tricky to get hold of without taking a trip to the States. So both skeptical and intrigued, I went in search of this enigma.
After taking a look (though I’d already seen the pictures) I was impressed. Cool embossed metal lid, check. 

Rubber rimmed inner to sit your candle on (1 of my fave features of B&BW candles. safety first.), check.

 Lovely names with appropriate imagery on the label, check. In fact, 3 of the names are identical. 

Size is pretty similar, so far the only difference is the dupes are 2-wick. 

After having a good smell, I was convinced….and I bought half of the shop’s stock. Ok, so they didn’t have too many to begin with, but this is a lot for me! I also added a jar of chocolate and a cheeky bag of marshmallows to my basket so I could get into full on cosy mode on the couch at home. 

So I know you’re dying to know; WHERE are they from?? 

The answer: B&M; the latest in a series of cut-price high street stores to bring out an amazing product that nobody expected. And, of course, that also means the price is just as sweet as the smell of Black Cherry Merlot. They’re an absolute steal at £2.99 each, versus $25 per candle at B&BW. The total of cost of my purchases – 4 candles, hot chocolate and marshmallows- came to £15. Not gonna lie, I’m feeling a teeny bit smug about that.

Sadly B&M don’t have an online purchase facility, but there’s 500 stores across the UK so it’s not going to be that difficult to snap them up…unless they have low stock and someone like me comes along and wipes out a large chunk of it in one go. Get there quick!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

4 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE/ The legit Bath & Body Works dupes

    • For £2.99, you can pretty much try them all for the price of one B&BW! The only one I’m not fussed about now I’ve been using them a while is the Halloween one, the scent doesn’t carry as well for some reason.

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