FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ September favourites

Another month has whizzed past in a blur of work (brand new work, so extra exciting) and randomness! Here’s what’s been loved by Curious Alice in the last month…


This pic covers two fashion faves – khaki and new short hair. My entire A/W wardrobe is shaping up to be khaki, rose pink, black and white so far, which I’m pretty happy with. 

I was inspired to get my hair chopped after seeing Lilah Parsons’ new ‘do (adore her) of a bob with some long fringe-ey bits, and of course turned to Chelsea to change it up. I’m really liking the end result but am still trying to get into the groove of styling it myself. I’ll get there, but any tips are always welcome.


This month I’ve not chosen a food, so much as a food movement. You’ve seen previous posts that have mentioned #HullFoodie (my first was a review of The Mad Italian) however since then myself and the lovely Courtney have launched this as an official brand to be embraced by all! We held our first official get together on 4 October so you’ll be seeing a post about that very soon. If you fancy having a nosey at what we’re doing feel free to give the Twitter and Instagram a follow.


I had such a giggle at the #napoleonsbloggersnight at the beginning of the month – yummy food, lovely company and some not so serious betting! Unusually, I was one of the last ones standing along with Ashton and am definitely up for getting the girls together for a return visit very soon.

What else? 

Ok, so this could have clearly been fashion and food, but I choose to classify it as mermaids and sparkles! As the nights get colder I will be cozying up in my new Boohoo blanket and trying to avoid cakes and sweet treats (this is a matcha and raspberry cupcake by Blondes.

 More posts coming this month, pinky promise!

Stay stylish,


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