FASHION / In with a bang

Welcome to 2017 y’all!This is the first #ootd post I’ve done since May 2016. Not gonna lie- I’ve spent most of last year feeling rubbish as I’ve gained a bit of weight and insecure about a lot of things in my head (as well as being in front of a lens because I still can’t pull a decent pose!) But I can’t change very much of that immediately, so I thought I’d just go for and take a first step by posting my first proper outfit of the year.

I wore this look to the premier events of the Hull City of Culture calendar – In With a Bang, a mahoosive fireworks display (think London on NYE with a northern spin) and Made in Hull, a trail of visual projections and soundscapes covering 70yrs of city history. Both were awesome, the latter is definitely worth a visit if you live close enough to stop by.

I would’ve worn something a bit more weather appropriate but on NYE PLT kindly sent me this jacket (amongst a sassy haul of other of other things) as part of an insta giveaway an dot seemed perfect. If you can’t turn up to watch fireworks dressed as a firecracker then…we’ll, I’m not exactly sure how to finish this sentence except to say I owned it and was super cosy!

Jacket Pretty Little Thing/Raiders tee Pretty Little Thing/ Coated leggings Next/ OTK boots EGO/Bag Miss Pap

Looking forward to this year will bring, hope you are too!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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