FASHION/ Golden Globes best dressed 

Hooray for awards season and women with good taste! I’m really loving paler tones, girly details and textures this season and they definitely feature in my fave #GoldenGlobes looks

Louise Roe

          Mucho blogger appreciation for this one! Really like the fact that it’s quite covered up with a hint of sexy in the cleavage and thigh high slit, and that the embroidery does all the talking rather than loads of only teeny bugbear is he footwear; I really like the shoes but I’d have probably gone with something in a player or metallic colour .

Guiliana Racic My first two look and they’re technically no talking the the red carpet! G has gone for uber drama, uber girly, and I honestly think this is a “fashion moment” as she would probably say on #FashionPolice it kind of reminds me of something Lucy Liu worked on the Globes red carpet in 2013, in the sense that it’s floral and a huge dramatic shape, but this feels like a more timeless way or wearing the look. 

Emma Stone     A best actress award and a killer red carpet look? Great night for Miss Stone! The pleats and metallic start print make it feel really modern even though the shape is a fairly standard red carpet gown design. The colours are just lovely. Glad she wore her hair up to keep it really simple and focused on her dress, but I’m not quite as crazy on the necklace as I think it’s a tad too heavy for such a delicate look.

Drew Barrymore

                          This is just boho Drew with a bit of glam and glitter isn’t it? Simple shape, on trend cold shoulder and cool toned colour palette, pared with laid back waves and ‘no make up’ make up. Girl just skooled us on how to frock up and still stay true to your personal style.

Lily Collins

                One of my fave fashion gals ain one of my fave colours (the other is blue. I know, I’m a total Maverick.) I think this a definite marmite gown because this kind of lace detail may not be up everyone’s street, but to me it looks great as it’s kep fairly light on top so isn’t bulking her out uncessarily and the shape is super flattering. Not crazy about much from the neck up but I’ll leave that part alone…

What are your fave looks from last nights red carpet, are you a fan of the ones I’ve chosen?

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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