FOOD/ Hoots snacks, snacking around the City of Culture

Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of pictures. Cards on the table – kept eating the goods, kept forgetting to take the snaps…but surely it’s a good thing that I enjoyed them that much??Summed up in a sentence: Hoots* are the BEST alternative to crisps I’ve tasted. Actually I’ll rephrase that; they’re the best savoury snack I’ve tasted. 

I like crisps fine, but I’m not a mega crisp-fiend or anything. However I am a major Foodie (sure I may mentioned that before…haha) so discovering a new snack is always a winner. Discovering a snack that’s been created and produced in your home town (just a few minutes drive away in fact) is even better! 

I’ve really been enjoying these this month as my go-to; after trying all of the flavours I’ve settled on this as my fave…though the smoky bacon and cheese & onion come a very close second!

Right now these are being sold mainly on food and vegan sites (see list stockists here) but I’m predicting these beauties will make their into more stores and become a cult hit.

BRB, going online in search of more…

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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