2017 Week 3- The tomato red, sweaty face of determination 

This post was named based on how I looked when I caught sight of myself in the mirror in the middle of an exercise class – wobbling away, trying to get the moves right, trying not to pass out from exhaustion. My face was so red that I couldn’t understand how I hadn’t passed out, or why I wasn’t getting funny looks from anyone in the room, it was a truly unnatural colour for a human to be!

The reason I was putting myself through my colour changing paces? See below…

Trying new forms of exercise 

The next step in feeling good for 2017 was to try out some different forms of exercise (hence my less than graceful appearance at dancercise). I’ve previously gone for regular, gentle cardio, but since being in an office job that’s become impossible for me to maintain so I’ve had to consider other options.

I joined a gym back in October and have floated around doing a bit of swimming, a bit of treadmill, maybe some time on the bike, meaning to try out some classes but not quite making it happen. Cue the cliche of mass booking everything in January!

I got some really cool Ivy Park workout clothes for Christmas and in the sales (including the black tank above) their new season stuff is absolutely killing it too so if you’re looking from some sassy #ootd gym gear then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Back to meal planning I was great at meal planning before, but I’m also great at being lazy so that also fell by the wayside last year when some weird working patterns and regular office buffets started to become all too familiar. No more!

I’m still not nailing it every day; there have been a few times that I’ve forgotten to bring my lunch from home and had to make do in the canteen, or throw together a last minute brekkie because I forgot to prep the night before, but eating healthier food that’s yummy reminds me of why I want to get back in to it. Lookimg in the mirror, however, reminds me of why I NEED to!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, in the meantime if you have any motivational tips or meal prep ideas feel free to shout ’em out.

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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