FASHION/ Fashion hacks: best place to buy…

I’m a gal who likes to shop, search out essential pieces and key trend items for the best price possible. Aside from work, it’s what I do! Based on my pretty extensive ‘research’ and ‘product trials in the name of effective research’ (not frivolous shopping at all) I thought I’d share some of the best places I’ve found to pick up certain items.

Designer dupe footwear – Miss Pap

In all of these pics, the dupe is to the right. Unless you were getting up very close and having a good ol’ feel of the leather, I doubt you would notice much difference (unless you’re some kind of bad-ass designer police). And, as awesome as it is to spend money on a really good piece that will last, sometimes things are just too trend-led to justify the expense for us mere mortals. 

I can’t imagine fur loafers being a classic style item for years, so would rather go for this £25 version than spend hundreds on #gucci whilst they’re en vogue! That said, items such as the #chloe and #givenchy style boots are a good staple to have so can be worthy of the spend, however for the amount of time I wear them in rotation with my other footwear they’re not going to wear out quickly so the cheaper versions are fine for me (she says, as if the hubby would be fine with a designer purchase a few months before we hope to move). 

Coats / Jackets – PLT

Pretty Little Thing have such an eclectic selection for every season and occasion. Want a sharp #balmain style blazer (I own this exact one and have done previous #ootd posts wearing this black version and also a slightly different look with the white version)? They have it. 

Demure and stylish waterfall coat? Yup, got that to (as do I. In three colours. Oops.) Feel like dressing as a human firework when it’s cold out (as I did at the start of the year in this outfit)? They have an awesome selection of sassy faux fur to do just that!

Their price and quality are pretty decent, this is the brand where I usually start my search for coats and jackets. I also own a lot of their bomber jackets which are super easy to throw over most items in my wardrobe.

Jeans – Topshop

And to think I went through a period where I refused to buy or wear jeans at all! 

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that I am obsessed with Topshop jeans and own far too many pairs. In my eyes they totally nail both the everyday wear and the high fashion, and there’s a good fit and perfect colour for pretty much everybody. Mic, dropped.

My favourite styles are Jamie (high-waisted ankle grazer) and Joni (super high-waisted stretch) at the moment I’m rotating between classic black skinny jeans and a slightly more trend-led blue stepped hem pair.

Band/ Rock tees – ASOS

These are soooo in rn, but in reality they always have and always will be a cool and easy addition to every gal’s wardrobe. I like the #asos ones best because they have the strongest variety available – ‘regular’ tees, reclaimed vintage and customised. There’s something for anybody who wants to try out the look on their own terms; sex it up a bit with a slash neck or lace up detail, add a feminine touch with some lace or tulle detail, or simply embrace that comfy ‘I’m with the band’ vibe. 

I’ve been styling mine in a few different ways. For a recent night out I pared this black tee with a cream pleather pencil skirt and heels

I’ve worn my slash neck t-shirt dress a few ways – otk boots and a longline bomber, tucked into high-waisted lace up jeans, and this look from a couple of months ago.

I hope this has helped with a few ideas about where to look for things or different ways to wear; I don’t profess to be an authority on all things style but I like to see how people put outfits together so I thought I would share a couple of my own. Let me know what you think, or if you have any tips of your own to pass along!

Stay stylish (and fashion hack clued in),

J 😘xx

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