FASHION, FOOD & BEAUTY/ April Favourites

Welcome to #may everyone; my the year is flying fast! I’ve had some really diverse favourites for the past month and I’m really excited to share them with you. I’m not greedy, I want everyone to enjoy the good things! 

Vintage  I’m definitely starting to get more into the idea of vintage/re-made clothing; it’s literally the best way of getting a stylish look to be that little bit more unique. This month I went along to the opening of the brand new Poorboy store, and it made me want to spend all the pennies!

I’ve always been a fan of the brand, but now they’ve moved into the trendier Humber Street area of #hull (which lets face it, is where they belong) you can really see all of the cool pieces they have on offer (the jacket in the first picture is a particular fave).

FYI- they also know how to throw a great party! They had the best food, tunes and cocktails, all sourced from business within the same area. It’s great to spread the positivity around, we should all be following their example and wprk to raise each other up and be great together rather than compete. Great job guys!

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to live close by, they also sell pieces on ASOS Marketplace. I cant wait to see what other treasures I can find on my next visit!

Fresh sunnies I’ve decided that I need to refresh my sunnies collection, if nothing else so that my social media pics won’t all look the same come summer! These are some of the beauties I’ve picked up so far

Marble cat eye, Quay Australia/ black cat eye, Floozie by Frost French (sold out, similar here)/ Blue round lens, Topshop/ White cat eye, Quay Australia (sold out, similar here.

Pop chips  I have literally become OBSESSED with these over the past few weeks! I’ve come to the conclusion that they remind me of the crisps I used to eat when I worked abroad, and that’s why I’m so fond of them. Yes, I think we’ll call this ‘nostalgia eating’! 

The popped texture makes them very moorish, and the flavours (I’ve obviously tried them all. Obviously.) are really strong. I can’t see this favourite going away anytime soon…

Bluebird Tea co. Honey Bee Beautiful This is one I tried on a whim – Bluebird are always very kind and send a couple of free samples whenever you make an order (with a lovely handwritten note,  very nice touch) so I brought this to work and tried it out when I needed a few minutes of calm after a very busy morning.

First of all, it’s very pretty to look at. Secondly, it smells divine. It also tastes pretty great too, the chamomile is also really relaxing which was exactly what I needed. 

I’m going to be adding this into my regular collection for sure – this would be a great alternative to my Pukka Detox.

Benefit Cheek Parade  I really wanted to buy a brand new Hoola, so getting 5 blushes for less than the price of two (each is about £23, this palette was £39.99) seemed like a bargain I couldn’t refuse!

This includes the new GALifornia blush (which I’m yet to road test) Hoola Lite which isn’t even on the market yet (this has been fab for a more subtle bit of colour while it’s not been quite as sunny).

I’ve used the original Hoola for years and the Dandelion for the past few months, so these are already firm faves, but I’ve really enjoyed discovering the beauty of Rockateur after admiring it from afar for years.

Hair changes 

 Another month, another flash of inspiration  for what to do…if you’ve seen my Instagram lately you’ll have an indication of what I’ve been trying out lately, but I will definitely be doing a full post when it’s where I want it to be. Basically, trying to be blonder again has not been kind to my hair, so I’ve had to make the change to something else, but it’s something really interesting so I look forward to sharing  he results with you.

Thanks for reading, here’s to seeing what the next month has in store! 

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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