MUSIC, FASHION & FUN/ Radio 1 Big Weekend – Day 2

Day 2 of the Radio 1 #BigWeekend was equally as awesome as the first – but this one came with glitter and a short stack.

Who on earth eats American-style pancakes for brekkie in front of a helter skelter? Me and Chelsea do! She was my plus one for the day and apparently knows the words to every song EVER.

Before the music kicked off, we decided to hit up Feather and Fox to sass up our festival looks. I’ve honestly never been so excited by a menu before!

And when a gal like this is in charge, you know you’re in good hands…ta-da!!

Chels also had a double feather put in her to match the embroidery on her dress. I had a glitter triangle added to my chest in an attempt to cover my sunburn from the day before…I got more comments on that than my hair so it must’ve worked!

FYI- the sunglasses twinning thang wasn’t coordinated, pure coincidence. But now I know there’s a rose gold version, I am going to have to get them.

#OOTD Jumpsuit, Boohoo/ Shoes, EGO/ Choker, Boohoo/Sunnies, Miss Pap

I’ve had these sliders (in 3 different colours. Well, it is me! Hehe) for about a year and wear them as often as the weather allows. They’re super comfy and breathable which is exactly what was needed to be on your feet all day in warm temperatures.

Naturally, there waere more awesome and eclectic performers throughout the day – here’s a little about some of the ones we watched.

Little Mix

I don’t know if I can pull this phrase off, but yasss queens! Every bit as good as you would expect, I really like their new song ‘Power’, and I’ve always had a soft spot for their early stuff. However, I think my personal highlight may have been catching sight of my neighbour’s hubby standing with his arms tightly crossed being a bit of a grump.

Then I managed selfie and super quick chat with Mr Greg James…

…before swapping suncream and Yorkshire accents with YouTuber Joe Tasker.

Shaun Mendes

His first ever UK festival, really glad fought our way a bit closer to the front for this one! He definitely got a few of ladies hot under the collar with his amazing voice, musical skills and smooth Canadian accent. I’ve had his songs stuck in my head ever since. 

Lunchtime, again we had some ‘ever popular at festivals’ food, paella! You may laugh but it was the same price as some of the burgers, had some nutritional value and was tonnes more filing and tasty (side note- I make a pretty decent, Slimming World friend paella. It’s my most requested dish by th fam)

Dua Lipa

If I had any favourite performances from the weekend, Dua Lipa on the ‘Where it Begins’ stage would definitely be up there. Firstly, she looked bomb in a star print mini dress and platforms, her band (special shout out to her crazy drummer) were fantastic, her vocals were faultless and she had the whole tent jumping through the entire set. Why she wasn’t on the main stage I really don’t know!


Time for a little cool down, for which we chose to hit the ‘make your own slushy’ stand. Exactly what was needed to cool down, however I still didn’t quite get the insta-worthy shot these cups were screaming out for.

Rita Ora

Before this set kicked off, Chels and I were interviewed for a prime time BBC show about Rita Ora. However I haven’t been able to find the show or watch it, so if any of you happened to see it then shout out!

I’ve always liked Rita’s music, and her sassy performance of her best-known tracks made me like her more. I got ridiculously excited when she invited Rae onstage to give us a little blast of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and THEN bringing on Charli XCX for them to all perform their new song ‘Girls’. Total girl squad moment.

The Chainsmokers
Another act I was really looking forward to, and they definitely didn’t disappoint (well, apart from when it obvious that the dinger of the two may have been miming some parts of the set). There was an endless array of fire, smoke, pyrotechnics and musical awesomenes that was worth getting achy feet for.

Massive thanks to Radio 1 and the #BigWeekend team for organising such a thrilling event, bringing it to Hull and inviting me to experience the magic. Now the world knows what we can do, let’s get bidding for some more major events in the area!

Now attending a festival is officially ticked off my f**k it list, I wonder what I’ll check off next…

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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