BLOGMAS/ Day 1: lets do this?

So, after having my blog for three years I decided to give this BLOGMAS malarkey a go.

Last year I did a few festive posts – Top festive tipples4 ways to feel festive AF and Last minute stocking fillers, so I’m ready to Up the ante. I have lots of ideas (festive and non-festive) for posts through the month covering fashion, food, fun, beauty and lifestyle, so I hope you’ll join me to see how I do with creating a daily post!

So, why get involved this year? Simply put, I wanted to push myself. I’ve allowed blog posting, which is my hobby and passion project, to slide greatly this year. This has made me unhappy but I’ve felt unable to do much about it. A variety of things have contributed to this; most notably self-induced stress of looking for a new job, new home and living out of a suitcase in the meantime.

I know from experience that all it takes is a little push from somewhere to be your mojo back and put yourself back into a positive cycle – the more you enjoy something the more you want to do it, find a way to keep doing and become inspired by what else you may be able to accomplish.

So here we go – day 1, it’s all to play for. Bring it on I say!

Thanks for reading, xx


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