BLOGMAS day 22: Thanks for the memories 2017

As the year is coming to close in a couple of weeks time, I thought it would be a nice addition to my #blogmas posts to reflect on some great times had this year. I’ve not been the happiest of people, but I have had some fun adventures which I’m choosing to focus on instead.


The only reason I have ever left the house as an adult on New Year’s Day is in search of food, however this year I made an exception and headed out to the opening night of the Hull City of Culture celebrations with the Mr and my grandparents. I wasn’t disappointed; it was bloody brilliant! This year has brought Hull so many interesting opportunities and, most importantly, a much needed reputation boost on a global stage. I couldn’t be prouder of us.


The Mr and I headed to Leeds for a couple of nights to hit the shops and drink some cocktails. We enjoyed it so much we’re heading back again before Christmas.


March saw me and my mum bond in a slightly more unusual way – scaling brightly coloured climbing walls. We usually go for coffee or shopping! We’re both kinda scaredy cats so my invit to a preview session at Rock Up Hull allowed us to conquer some of our fears as well as work up a sweat.


Easter saw us spend the weekend in one of my fave cities, Liverpool (I did a post about it here). I always feel so happy and inspired there. I’m heading back in March 2018 for a girls weekend I can’t wait!


The second Bank Holiday weekend in May was definitely one of the best weekends of the year, when I headed off to Radio 1 Big Weekend!

Day 1 I was spent with my girl Tori – we giggled, sang and got rained on just a little bit.

Day 2 I was joined by Chelsea (aka my hair saviour, you all know her) where we got our glitter on and danced our socks off. Fun times.


As well as it being my birthday month, June also saw us head to Scarborough (hence the epic fish and chip setup) to redeem one of last year’s Christmas gifts- tickets to see Al Murray live. He’s always been one of my faves and last time I had tickets I had to give them up as I had flu, but this time I was well and had an absolute scream. He’s one of four others we’ve seen this year (not including local acts) and there are more in the pipeline for 2018.


August was a busy month indeed! Starting with a trip to the Great British Food Festival where I literally ate all the things and brought home a fairly sizeable haul of goodies to enjoy. This is definitely somewhere I’d be keen to visit again next year.

Then came a real high point of the year – summer vacay!

Yup, I went to The Big Apple (side note: I was pleased with myself for getting such a cheesy pic). It was my second visit so I felt a lot more comfortable and confident about everything – I even wrote a couple of posts about things to do and places to eat.

October/ November

September was a little frantic as we moved house (which we will have to do again in the new year when we find somewhere permanent) so come October we felt we deserved a little break. We only had a few days spare, so we hopped on a plane and headed for Benidorm, which was very warm and relaxing.

I’m going to spend some time over the holidays setting some goals and making some plans for the year ahead, my aim is to make 2018 even better!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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