LIFESTYLE/ Spending detox: the alternative to ‘dry January’


After a debauched festive season a lot of people will be giving up alcohol in January in order to “detox and be healthy”. I’m not a regular drinker (though I’m partial to a few cocktails now and again) however I do have another habit that I’m keen to detox from after months of indulging far too much…



In store, online, clothes, beauty and household items, I will shop anyhow for anything. Over the past few weeks I’ve come to realise that it may be morphing into an obsession and I need to regain control ASAP.

I’ve decided that for the next six weeks I’m going to go cold turkey and not buy any fashion or beauty items that are not essential. I mean, if all the elastic suddenly breaks on my underwear I’ll have to deal with that; but if it’s frivolous I will not be buying it!

I’m hoping this will allow me to get back some valuable time between work to focus on fun and productive things, as well as save money towards our new home and car. In addition (I appreciate to some of you this may sound superficial, but for me it’s a genuine concern) I’m trying to get back to a slimmer shape so I don’t want to buy any more clothes that may not fit me for too much longer.

I may do a kind of follow up to this post (such as tips for shopping in your own closet) depending on how I do or if I learn anything of value. If you have any tips on this subject please do shout out in the comments section.

Wish me luck!

J xx

6 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE/ Spending detox: the alternative to ‘dry January’

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