FASHION/ My favourite outfits of the past year (2017/18)

Since I’m now deep into shopping detox mode (see this post which explains it a little more) I’m focusing on the items I already have in my wardrobe, not the ones that I desperately covet!

I thought this would be a great time to look back at some looks I’ve enjoyed wearing over the past year to remind myself of how my preferences have changed and what I have waiting to be worn again.


Jacket, Pretty Little Thing (similar here) / Tee, Pretty Little Thing

I genuinely felt like a human firework in this faux fur jacket – pretty apt, given that I wore it to watch a fireworks display! It was New Years Day 2017 and Hull was celebrating being the City of Culture with the ‘In With A Bang’ display. The rest of the look was a unisex fit Raiders tee and leather look trousers; I decided to keep everything pretty dark to let the coat stand out. I definitely started the year feeling cool .

Coat, Topshop (similar here) / Jumper, Miss Pap / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Miss Pap

I wore this outfit, or a variation thereof, pretty mist most of January and into February. As I was feeling pretty vulnerable about my expanded shape I zeroed in on a look that I thought looked fairly stylish and for me – a choker jumper with distressed hem, skinny jeans, these Chloe imitation boots and big coat.

Even though I’m feeling a bit better about how I look now I’d still wear this look as it’s really casual and easy to throw on whilst looking on trend.


T-shirt dress, Pretty Little Thing (similar here) / Trousers, Next / Heels,  Pretty Little Thing

This outfit may look a little more daring for someone who says they’re not feeling their best, however putting weight on meant my boobs were a bit fuller so I was happy to show them off a bit! However the first time I wore this tee was as a dress (which is how it’s meant to be worn) with OTK boots, but I felt I needed a bit more on to make me feel more confident so added the trousers.


Jeans, ASOS / Slides, EGO / Duster coat, Boohoo (similar here)

I decided to jump head first into a trend I’d avoided for AGES – mom jeans – and quickly became obsessed. I find them comfy, flattering around the waist and hide the bits I don’t like of my legs quite as much. These slides were probably my most worn footwear of the summer as they’re so easy to chuck on everything, however they’re probably what I got the most stick for too “are you wearing slippers?” nope, I’m just that sassy people!


Top, ASOS / Jeans, ASOS / Mules, Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

I just need to say this again: I went to Carrie Bradshaw’s house!! (In case you’re not familiar, this pic was taken on her street. Proper pinch me moment for this SATC fan girl).

Still sticking with the mom jeans but I tentatively tried a *bit* of a racy top – cropped, ties/open front sections and a little cleavage on show. With the high-waisted bottoms I felt it worked well, however I don’t think it worked quite as well sitting down (loose bits flying everywhere) which was a bit of a shame.


Coat, Topshop (similar here) / T-shirt, Topshop / Jeans, Topshop / Mules, Dorothy Perkins (similar here) / Sunnies, Noughts and Kisses

I started to take baby steps to building my confidence back  with and chose this outfit for my first OOTD shoot in months. Ironically; every item was already in my wardrobe (I’d only usually shoot something new before as I worried I wouldn’t be ‘accessible’ or relevant enough for people to care) so working with what I have is something I’m clearly capable of doing! I liked mixing the stripes and leopard print to be a bit more interesting, the dark tones tied them together really nicely.

Jacket, Pretty Little Thing / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Public Desire / Hat, Topshop

This was the month I decided to embrace some seventies styling and realised that it made me feel more confident as well as on trend. The flared jeans balance out my legs, and the hat covered a bit of a bad hair day (as it has done frequently since). I think this is a look I’ll be wearing for a while yet!


Jacket, Topshop (similar here) / Top, Topshop / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Public Desire / Beret, Topshop

This was a spur of the moment outfit thrown together for a Christmas Eve Eve trip out with the Mr. I liked the ruffle trouser trend over the summer but never got round to buying any. Then I saw these babies – they’re part of my favourite Jamie range, AND they were described as ‘mermaid hem’. SOLD! Teamed with my still fave go-to, the funnel neck and my Kate Moss coat (I’m pretty sure this is her exact one too) I felt very like myself but with s bit of a twist. To mix it up even more I added a beret which adored (and successfully covered another dodgy hair escapade).

Ending the year with a decent look has bolstered my confidence for 2018, fingers crossed I can keep the momentum going!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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