FASHION / My favourite outfits of the past year (2018/19)

I really enjoyed doing this post back in January (you can have a nosey at it here) for the previous 12 months so always planned to do it again, but this time I thought doing it to round off the year would be a nice way to go.

To be honest, most of my fave outfits didn’t come until part way through the year, which is when I allowed a few more pics to be taken and started to be slightly less hard on myself for not being perfectly skinny and beautiful (side note: I’m still pretty self critical, but I’m attempting to force those feelings down)

Maxi dress, AX Paris

This dress has seen me through a few social situations over the year, but this particular one was my friend’s beauty back years wedding. It was the best day for fun and making memories, and I felt good all day knowing a had a nice frock on that was also comfortable.

Ah, you knew a bit of Santorini action was going to work its way in somehow! I lived in this Topshop jumpsuit for a lot of time this summer – it kept me very cool whilst the weather was boiling. It didn’t have a lot of shape to it which is easily solved with these assistance of a good belt for make things look a bit dressier in the evening.

If you didn’t see me wearing the jumpsuit in my previous pic this summer, You probably saw me wearing this one. Unlike the the other this one had more of a fitted shape so was a teeny bit more flattering, the fabric was lot lighter though which means all underwear had to be thought about pretty carefully indeed!

Jumper, Dorothy Perkins / Jeggings, Dorothy Perkins / Boots, Dorothy Perkins / Bag, River Island

This outfit reminded me of how much I enjoy wearing cosy knits and Dotty P jeggings, which I used to live in. I adore this red jumper and have worn it so many times since getting it a couple of months ago.

Cardigan, Topshop / T-Shirt, Topshop / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Dorothy Perkins / Bag, River Island

This outfit makes me feel both stylish and slouchy with the oversized cardigan in such a strong print, it’s a great lazy styling getup for low key coffee dates etc

Dress, Joanie

Adore this dress, had a LOT of compliments on it, however I’m disappointed that I don’t look better in it. I really want it to be a kind of easy breezy, dress up or down wardrobe staple, so I need to either make myself feel better in it or look better in it!

Dress, Joanie / Boots, EGO

This is exactly the same style of dress as the previous pic but a size smaller, and I think that helped me feel a little better wearing it as it fit a little nicer. This is meant to be more of a wardrobe staple too as it dresses up and down for most kind of occasions.

I’ll definitely be re-wearing most of these items again in the new year because it will help me achieve one of my main goals, which I’m aiming to reveal on 1 January.

Have you started thinking about any goals for the year ahead yet?

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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