FASHION / She’s my cherry pie 🍒

My resolution for getting back into #ootd posts is in full swing! Even whilst I’ve not been feeling great about being photographed, I’ve still been making an effort with my outfits and caring about how I look every da, so I wanted to share that with the world again in the hope that it would help me regain some confidence, and through confidence spur me into action to complete my weight loss goal for the year ( I’m thinking it’ll be that whole ‘if I can do that, I can do anything’ kind of a gig).

I also think that making the picture taking a bit more fun and sociable is a great way to get back into the zone. – for this look I headed out with some of blogger besties (as well as a few other who I hadn’t met before) and had a photo and brunch sessio, which was lovely. We’re really lucky to have areas of Hull that look cool AF for us to shoot in!

(Photos by Violet Glenton)

Top, Topshop / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, Public Desire / Hat, Topshop

There were tonnes more pictures I could’ve added to this post, but the ridiculous loud self critic in me means I’m not feeling quite confident enough to share them *yet*. Hopefully, surrounded by positive people and having positive experiences will mean I get a braver soon, any advice or tips on how to achieve this would be welcome!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

2 thoughts on “FASHION / She’s my cherry pie 🍒

  1. I’m not sure it ever gets easier! The critic in me still screams not to hit publish on a regular basis, I’ve just got better at ignoring it! I’ve been lucky enough to have nothing but positive experiences so far from blogging, everyone has been so lovely and supportive – I feel chronically self conscious posting pics of myself, but often I’m surprised that the ones I was most unsure of are the ones I get the most positive feedback from! You look fantastic, keep going! x

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