FOOD/ #HullFoodie … Francesca’s (2018)

Happy March to you all – wow; we’re on chapter 3 of 2018 already…I don’t know about you, but I’m ready! Kicking of the month with one of my most favourite things in the world: FOOD.

Myself and the Mr visited Francesca’s on a sunny Saturday afternoon (for what turned out to be a ore-celebratory meal – more on that another time) as part of a Groupon deal given to us by my younger brother for Christmas. We hadn’t visited for a little while (you can read my previous review post here) but we really enjoyed it last time so we already knew the food was nice.

The deal we had was a starter and main course for two for £19.95, which is amazing value even for Hull. The rest of the City clearly agree with me, because the restaurant was pretty full during our lunchtime visit! What I was most impressed by is that the restaurant had taken time to produce a dedicated menu for those using the Groupon voucher – it made the whole process a bit less awkward as we didn’t have to try and work out what was included or ask loads of questions of thenstaff that made us sound really cheap. The sides options and prices were also included, as well as the wine list. So far, so,good.

To accompany my glass of vino (upgraded from a small to medium as it was only 50p more, I’m such a sucker for an upgrade) I started with garlic mushrooms on sourdough toast – super flavoursome, tasty and not too filling before the main event. The Mr had wonderfully fresh and delicious bruschetta.

I wondered if the mains may be smaller or come without any usual accompaniments (the offer allowed dishes up to the value of £13.95) but as you can see this wasn’t the case! I ordered my absolutely favourite, pizza, topped with goats cheese, veggies and a generous helping of rocket consider myself quite the pizza connoisseur , and I really enjoyed this one. The based was very soft and doughy but on the thinner side which was an unusual combo, but one I’d definitely have again very soon. The Mr went with spinach and ricotta cannelloni which was a good size, packed with filling and im told hit the spot rather nicely. We. Ordered a couple of sides too – a salad and chunky chips, which for £2.95 each were fantastic portion sizes. The chips were lovely and golden on the outside with a fluffy centre, as they should be (the lady sitting behind felt the need to lean over and proclaim they were the best she’d ever had) and the salad was well presented and had lots of ingredients. I stole the olives and popped on my pizza; they made the perfect addition.

Not gonna lie though; all the food got the best of me. I ended up with no dessert and taking most of the pizza home in a doggy bag! But that meant I got to enjoy it again for dinner, so every cloud.

The food was definitely as good as the last we visited as full paying customers, the quality and size was not compromised on which was very impressive. The extra items we ordered (2 sides and wine) came to just short of £10, so they weren’t inflated to compensate for the cheaper cost of the vouchers. I’d highly recommend and am looking forward to going back already.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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