FASHION / Fashion Favourites – February 2018

There’s a definite colour scheme among my favourites this month! Completely by accident, but it all seems to work pretty well together.

1. Beret, Topshop

Not gonna lie – originally I bought this to annoy the Mr, who thinks they look stupid. I, on the other hand, think they’re cute and chic AF (I also have it in red, which you can see in my last post) as well as covering a gross hair day.

2. Skinny jeans, Topshop

If you’ve read my blog for a little while you’ll know that these are a long standing favourite on mine, however you’ll also know I’ve flirted with other styles of denim lately too. These have been really easy to throw on to head into work as they’re both comfortable and tidy. Plus, it allows me to be a bit more oversized with my top and not feel quite so bulky.

3. Stripe tee, Topshop

I’m obsessed with stripe tees lately, including this one I’ve bought three in the last month! This one is really simple and feels quite put together when I wear it without trying too hard, and it goes with almost everything in my wardrobe right now.

4. Cardigan, Topshop (sold out online)

It feels like Topshop is also a consistent theme at the moment too! I go through waves in most high street brands of either loving or disliking everything, and the moment I’m crushing hard on TS (Topshop, not Taylor Swift.)

I stalked this Cardigan for weeks at the end of last year before it finally came into stock, and I’ve not been disappointed. It’s oversized enough to be cool yet cosy, and the colour has been a great standout on the chilly winter mornings.

5. Hi tops, Converse

I’ve switched my allegiance from my All Star Chucks purely to keep my ankles warm! They’re hard wearing enough for driving and working in the heart of North Yorkshire whilst still feeling like ‘me’.

Thanks for reading, look forward to bringing more fashion, food and comedy posts your way this month!

J xx

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