FASHION/ I did a Fearless clothing haul from an Instagram ad (March 2018)

We all get those pesky Instagram ads – between suggesting what I should I buy and who else I should follow, I barely see any of the people/ brands I’ve actually chosen to have on my feed!

But how well does Instagram think it really knows me and my taste in fashion? I decided to throw caution to the wind when an ad for Fearless clothing popped up – it featured a pair of shoes I though would be a good buy for everyday wear, so I clicked though to see what else they may have for me…and that’s where I got a lil’ bit spendy! So here I’m sharing what I bought and my first impressions of each item.

DISCLAIMER: I took ‘proper’ first impressions photos i.e. Straight out of the packet, no regard for lighting and setting up a decent shot. I thought that was the best way to see how the items actually looked IRL.

Dorchester flats

This is the item that appeared on the original #instagram ad that made me click and take a loot – they appealed because they look very like a shoe boot style which I’ve always liked, but with a super chunky heel that I thought would be great for Day to day wear. They looked really cool on the photos I saw so thought I’d give them a go. When they arrived I noticed they had a cutaway design on the leather which reminded me of the shoes I used to wear to primary school, which put me off a bit and made them lose a little of their cool edge for me. However I tried them on anyway but they just didn’t look any better and I couldn’t shake off feeling like a massive school kid. Gutted.

Good Vibes pearl sweatshirt

(I haven’t been able to snap a pic of me wearing it, but it looks exactly the same)

It’s pink and covered in metallic pearls, obviously this jumped straight out at me. As I wasn’t sure of the fit of the brand I sized up which was definitely the right move – the fit is pretty small and there’s not any give in the fabric, but it’s not tight and the crop fit sits nice in the waistband of my mom jeans.

My Type bardot top

I hadn’t realised that this top was by AX Paris when I ordered it, but it explains why the bold floral print really struck me as I have a lot of floral items from them. I really liked the fit of the top, lots of room to move around, however I was a bit disappointed but the material as it felt kind of cheap and scratchy.

Blown Away floral bodysuit

I really wanted to be blown away by this bodysuit, sadly it wasn’t to be. The print and the vowel back detail were just as striking in person as they were online, but the fit around the bottom just felt really awkward so I couldn’t see myself being comfortable in it.

Dreamin bardot shirt

I took an instant dislike to this shirt as soon as I pulled it out of the bag – it look far thinner and flimsier than it had done online, to the point where I didn’t want to try it on in case it ripped.

Note to Self bag

this bag looked so insta-cool online, but it’s actually made of rubber. WTF?? That actually makes it a little more practical for nights out though, as it would wipe clean if anybody spilt their drink on it.

Reality bag

I was drawn to this as it had a designer look to it with the shape of the clasp on the front. The quality of it feels nice, a soft velvet, and I think this will be lovely for nights out or for a more dressy daytime outfit.

Gemini boots

I’ve been wanting a pair of chunky boots for a while, and these were a bargain £10 in the sale. Sadly when they arrived they were a little bit too synthetic looking for my taste, and the buckles wouldn’t fasten up tight enough to stay on my feet properly.

Overall, my experience with Fearless clothing wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, however it does have some nice pieces and it’s definitely somewhere I’ll give another look in future. I’ll definitely be looking to size up in most items as well as trying to check the fabric makeup more closely of items I like.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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