FASHION/ I did a Fearless clothing haul from an Instagram ad (March 2018)

We all get those pesky Instagram ads – between suggesting what I should I buy and who else I should follow, I barely see any of the people/ brands I’ve actually chosen to have on my feed!

But how well does Instagram think it really knows me and my taste in fashion? I decided to throw caution to the wind when an ad for Fearless clothing popped up – it featured a pair of shoes I though would be a good buy for everyday wear, so I clicked though to see what else they may have for me…and that’s where I got a lil’ bit spendy! So here I’m sharing what I bought and my first impressions of each item.

DISCLAIMER: I took ‘proper’ first impressions photos i.e. Straight out of the packet, no regard for lighting and setting up a decent shot. I thought that was the best way to see how the items actually looked IRL.

Dorchester flats

This is the item that appeared on the original #instagram ad that made me click and take a loot – they appealed because they look very like a shoe boot style which I’ve always liked, but with a super chunky heel that I thought would be great for Day to day wear. They looked really cool on the photos I saw so thought I’d give them a go. When they arrived I noticed they had a cutaway design on the leather which reminded me of the shoes I used to wear to primary school, which put me off a bit and made them lose a little of their cool edge for me. However I tried them on anyway but they just didn’t look any better and I couldn’t shake off feeling like a massive school kid. Gutted.

Good Vibes pearl sweatshirt

(I haven’t been able to snap a pic of me wearing it, but it looks exactly the same)

It’s pink and covered in metallic pearls, obviously this jumped straight out at me. As I wasn’t sure of the fit of the brand I sized up which was definitely the right move – the fit is pretty small and there’s not any give in the fabric, but it’s not tight and the crop fit sits nice in the waistband of my mom jeans.

My Type bardot top

I hadn’t realised that this top was by AX Paris when I ordered it, but it explains why the bold floral print really struck me as I have a lot of floral items from them. I really liked the fit of the top, lots of room to move around, however I was a bit disappointed but the material as it felt kind of cheap and scratchy.

Blown Away floral bodysuit

I really wanted to be blown away by this bodysuit, sadly it wasn’t to be. The print and the vowel back detail were just as striking in person as they were online, but the fit around the bottom just felt really awkward so I couldn’t see myself being comfortable in it.

Dreamin bardot shirt

I took an instant dislike to this shirt as soon as I pulled it out of the bag – it look far thinner and flimsier than it had done online, to the point where I didn’t want to try it on in case it ripped.

Note to Self bag

this bag looked so insta-cool online, but it’s actually made of rubber. WTF?? That actually makes it a little more practical for nights out though, as it would wipe clean if anybody spilt their drink on it.

Reality bag

I was drawn to this as it had a designer look to it with the shape of the clasp on the front. The quality of it feels nice, a soft velvet, and I think this will be lovely for nights out or for a more dressy daytime outfit.

Gemini boots

I’ve been wanting a pair of chunky boots for a while, and these were a bargain £10 in the sale. Sadly when they arrived they were a little bit too synthetic looking for my taste, and the buckles wouldn’t fasten up tight enough to stay on my feet properly.

Overall, my experience with Fearless clothing wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, however it does have some nice pieces and it’s definitely somewhere I’ll give another look in future. I’ll definitely be looking to size up in most items as well as trying to check the fabric makeup more closely of items I like.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BEAUTY/ I tried the Primark ‘Nudes’ collection

I’m not usually a ‘do a review on a current beauty product’ kind of a girl, in fact I usually go out of my way to avoid being that girl. However, I’ve been seeing some chatter online about the new Primark ‘PS… Nudes’ collection and decided that actually, this time I am going to be that girl! I’ve jumped on many a beauty bandwagon over the years but this time I’ve done so purely in the name of finding out if a product was worth the hype, rather than because it was something I was desperate to get my mitts on. Bit of a game changer for me, but I hope you like it…

Firstly, let’s talk packaging and overall concept. It’s obvious that this collection is positioning itself as a high street alternative to the KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics – the products within the collection, shade names and neutral-coloured packaging, it’s all there. If any of the products end up being as good as their higher end counterparts this will be great news for the gals in the UK and Ireland, as it’s trickier (not to mention more expensive with exchange rates and customs charges) to get this side of the Atlantic.

Eyeshadow palette

It has a good range of the neutral colours I use on a daily basis – pinks, browns and some highlighter shades – which in theory means I’d find it very wearable. I tried out a pink smoky eye (in the same kind of style as I do my everyday makeup) using three colours on the lid and a really pale pink underneath. I was pleased with the result (no photos because I haven’t learnt the art of taking a good photo of my makeup. Tips welcomed) although it’s a little too bright to be referred to as a ‘nude’ shade, and after about 4 hours out and about it’d creased quite significantly. However, I forgot to apply primer before the shadow, so I gave it another shot.

Next I tried out some of the brown shades for a natural yet slightly smoky look, after applying my trusty Urban Decay primer. This time the shadow lasted longer and only creased a tiny bit towards the end of the day. The colours are nice and the payoff is as good as some of my more expensive palettes, which is amazing.

Lip liner and matte liquid lipstick duo in ‘Fling’

The liner seems to have a nice consistency but I just couldn’t see any proper colour payoff when I applied it Me lips. The liquid lipstick is a lovely consistency and wasn’t too drying but the colour was awful – instead of the nice pink shade indicated by the tube, I can only describe it in real life as ‘neon nude’. Its not a wearable colour and I can’t imagine a natural fit for anybody’s skin tone. The liner/lip colours also aren’t an exact match, so a bit of work needs to be done if they want to compete with Kylie; there are already plenty of other high street rip-offs trying to do just that.

Matte eye collection in ‘Girl Code’

The liner is the same kind of creamy consistency and finish as the lip liner (I suspect it’s exactly the same formula but passed off as an eye product) and the shadow dries down in a very similar way. It’s a really nice colour, but my concern is the durability of both – the liner is pretty soft and may slide, the shadow could crack when it gets too dry. I haven’t quite made up my mind about them yet.

Body shimmer dust

I think this is my favourite of all the products I’ve tried, and I’d go as far as to say a hero product of the whole collection. It has amazing colour payoff, a little bit goes a long way, and I’d say it’s a pretty great dupe for the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in the Pearl shade….which is kind of annoying, given that I just bought that very item a few weeks ago. Take my advice – buy this one and save yourself £28; it won’t quite fit as nicely into your handbag but you’ll get just as many compliments.

Contour stick duo

I thought with the sponge and brush ends this could make a decent tool for ‘on the go’. The brush end is pretty soft yet firm enough to buff in a good contour

Overall verdict: I think Primark have been clever to develop a product that taps in to the cult beauty/social media market, and they’ve definitely captured people’s interest. Some of the products work fine for regular use, others less so, which is probably about right for a budget high street range. The Body shimmer dust was a surprising highlight, no pun intended! I hope that Primark carry on developing and expanding this range, as I think it could become something pretty decent.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BLOGMAS day 11: Mini pre-Christmas beauty haul

There was a sale on and I decided I deserved a treat as I’ve just landed a brand new job for 2018 (yay!) so I decided to pick up a three makeup ‘hero’ products to help create some festive glam looks.

Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette

This is my fourth Naked purchase – I have Naked (use often, hitting pan in some shades), Naked Heat (obvs, it’s my fave!) and Naked Ultimate Basics (not particularly impressed, the colour payoff isn’t as good as the main collection).

The colours in this version don’t feel like a cohesive collection like the others do, but I’m very impressed what’s in there so far as they have the same great pigmentation that the main ‘Nakeds’ all have. I think my fave shade so far is Chopper, which is shimmery light copper.

Urban Decay Eden eyeshadow primer potion

I bought this on the back of using the Original version since the summer and being really impressed; the consistency is a lot smoother and almost a bit tacky which seems to hold my shadow in place well without creasing (something that was a major problem for me). This one is a little more luminous so I’m hoping it’ll add to my makeup looks during the party season.

MAC Ruby Woo

I bought Velvet Teddy (cliche much) at the beginning of year and quite like it so thought I’d invest in another cult fave. I used to do a red lip ALL the time but haven’t for ages and I miss it! It applies pretty nicely and creates the POW factor I was hoping for.

MAC Pigment in Blue Brown

One of work colleagues wears this and always looks lovely so I was keen to try it out myself. The brown tones are the perfect neutral shade with a flash of a lighter ‘mermaid-ey’ blue which is unexpected but looks awesome.

Think I’m set for my festive makeup looks now!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION & BEAUTY/ Post birthday haul (2017)

It was my birthday recently (you can check out my ‘what I got for my birthday’ post if you fancy) so I decided to treat myself to a few extra things with some money I was lucky enough to get (as well as some of my own). I did a post like this last year (which is here if you fancy a nosey) and enjoyed it, it seems to get very spend happy at this of year like clockwork!


Sand wash cotton joggers, Topshop

I got these because I liked how they were styled on the website and thought they looked comfy for travelling (I’m heading off on holiday in a few weeks). For once my dithering over hitting the check out button paid off; not only were they still in stock but half price in the mid season sale, yippee!

Slogan tee, ASOS

I thought this would serve as a good reminder for me. Simple as that.

Bronze aviator sunglasses, Noughts and Kisses

I tend to stay away from blogger collaborations with brands usually. There’s nothing wrong with them at all, quite the opposite in fact, I just feel a bit weird about buying the products. Not really sure why! Anyway…what I am a sucker for is a good pair of shades, and this pair are so extra that I I had to get them. The lens are mirrored, though you can see your eyes through them a little. They’ve been perfect for driving in are some of the strongest protects in sunnies I’ve ever had (thankfully Yorkshire has had the right weather for me to test them out in)

Sports bottle, In The Style 
I’ve gone for ages without a proper bottle for the gym; this slogan is a quote in Scary Movie which was one of my teen faves, so I thought it’d make me chuckle every time I use it. I also bought a ‘few’ more things from ITS, but I plan to feature them in another post in the the not too distant future.


CK One, Boots 

Can I get a REWIND over here?? Yassss! I’ve recently been wearing one of my old teen favourites, Tommy Girl, quite a bit which made me think that getting some more scents that reminded of a more carefree period in my life. At under £30 for this mahoosive bottle it’s still really affordable and doing the trick quite nicely.

Benefit mini mix and match pack, Boots 

This is another REWIND for me – Benefit was the first non-drugstore brand I ever bought and the only one I used for quite a long time. My favourites were the That Gal primer, BADgal mascara and BADgal eyeliner which I’ve been thinking about repurchasing for a little while now. These miniature versions are the perfect way for me to work them back into my makeup collection to see if I still like them, as well as try out POREfessional which I’ve heard good things about. At £20 for the four it’s a pretty decent price to have decent sized samples to give each product a really good try, and this handy travel bag came free. I’m still testing them out (I’d forgotten how tricky I found kohl liner) and will report if I decide to pick up any full sized versions.

Sleepy body lotion, Lush 


This was a pure impulse buy – a new store has opened up in #Hull so I popped in for a mooch and saw this. I’m always looking for things to help me sleep better and the smell of the cocoa butter combined with the lavender was unexpectedly delightful. Again, still trying this out so will keep you posted if it’s a keeper.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar purifying clay mask and Effaclar duo imperfections corrector with SPF30

I’ve had some pretty terrible breakouts in recent months, and I saw these recommended on YouTube so thought I’d get them to try. I’ve used them once so far and they’ve made my skin feel really nice, but time will tell if they work well for me.

I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve for the coming weeks – fashion, fitness, food and travel related – so I hope to be able to share these soon.

Thanks for reading! Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

BEAUTY/ Body Shop haul

Yup, I did ANOTHER haul…I have shopped ’til I dropped lately!

I’ve always been a bit of a Body Shop fan – over the years there’s a few core products I pick up here and there (Mama Alice is OBSESSED) but I’ve bought loads for myself in one go. But I wanted some new bits and, once I started it was hard to stop! Have a peak…

The smell of this range is very light and soothing. In short, exactly what’s needed to chill you out as part of your end of day routine.

Silky cleansing oil: this is the only thing I’ve ever used that’s been able to get all of my makeup off without really scrubbing. I literally saw it melt away on to the cotton wool pad!

Sumptuous cleansing balm: this is lovely to smooth over my face after removing make up; when I rinsed it off I definitely saw how well it worked on my clogged up skin!

White musk smoky rose I haven’t used anything at all from the Body Shop since I was really young- it was a kind of right of passage as a 90s kid! I was drawn to this because I was looking for a new daytime scent, I usually get one of their fruity edt’s (Mango or Strawberry) but this had a different kind of sweet smell before drifting into the smoky rose scent that’s really cool for summer.

Eau de toilette the scent lasts a decent amount of time but I’ve already used up a lot as I’m wearing it every day

Body lotion helps layer up the scent with the edt, slightly runnier formula which drys pretty quickly and kept my skin feeling really soft 
Polynesian Island TiareI actually intended to buy products from the Pinita Colada range (to compliment my new pina colada themed bags, hehe) but after smelling it decided it wasn’t the right thing for me. I like pineapple and coconut smells, but this just didn’t quite have the right mix.

 I was intrigued by this range and expected it to be a really full on tropical scent, quite the opposite! It’s a really clean summery smell; almost like an immaculate suite in a chic beachfront hotel. These products actually compliment the camomile really nicely too as they have similar undertones, so a really great combination for tapping into the relaxation vibe.

Shower gel – I’m a fan of Body Shop show gels anyway so I knew I’d like the consistency of this. I feel so nice after using it.

Body cream – again, long time user of the the body cream (I’ve been loyal to the Coconut shimmer body butter since FOREVER) and like the level of moisture it gives my skin. The consistency can take a while to sink in or feel quite greasy if you put too much on, so a little bit is usually best

Fragrance mist – the perfect way to seal in the scent after using the first two products, and fits nicely in the back pocket of my handbag.

I usually don’t try to avoid limited edition ranges in case I adore them and then can’t buy them anymore, but I’m glad I broke my rule for some of these!

Stay stylish (and smelling wonderful),

J 😘xx

FASHION & BEAUTY/ Post birthday haul

It’s normal to get a lil’ spend happy around your birthday right? Well that’s what I did this year! Here’s a rundown of my newly stocked wardrobe and beauty cabinet…

 Pretty Little Thing sequin bomber it’s ridiculous to think that I could have not bought this really…it’s beautiful! When I walk up my path and the sun is shining, I can see it shimmering away in my wardrobe, next to the cool af black version I bought a few months ago. I’m just waiting for the right time to share in a post of their very own so they can be seen in their full glory.
EGO furry sliders
These are the lightest and comfiest sliders EVER – perfect for taking on holiday now that luggage allowance is shrinking. I need them in more colours immediately.

 Miss Pap nude long sleeveless jacket

My sleeveless jacket obsession of last year has crept in a little, but I like that this is a longer length and therefore less potential for windswept moments. I’m looking forward to taking this on holiday in a few weeks.

 Boohoo navy harem jumpsuit
Definitely purchased with holidays/hot weather in mind. I have it in khaki which I wore in Vegas last year, it’s really comfortable and cool to wear walking around. I really like the extra pointy bits on gone side for an extra bit of drama.

Rock on Ruby make up bag, NYX soft matte lip cream in London, Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter, Nip + Fab Dragon’s blood fix plumping serum, Benefit They’re real! mascaraI clearly didn’t I got enough ROR merch with my 2 birthday bags (not forgetting all my tees and sweatshirt, and mug) did I! This is so cute and a great size for thre extra makeup I’ll need to take away with me. 

My usual #NYX lip cream is Stockholm but I wanted to try a darker shade. This is more of a pure nude which isn’t quite what I was after but it works well for daytime for the moment.

I haven’t had any good #Benefit products in ages so ive been long overdue to rectify this (I also had my brows done using the new brow products. Honestly, they looked fabulous). So far I’ve had lots of lovely comments on my lashes and am enjoying the more muted champagne shade of the highlighter. I’m used to using High Beam so this is a by more subtle.
NKD SKN Pre- shower tan, Barry M Molten nail paint in Copper Mine, Coco Brown Golden Goddess shimmering body oil, NYX Prismatic eye shadow in Liquid gold, NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in TeddyThis is my bronze-y summer collection of stuff! I haven’t tried the tan yet but will report back when I do. 

I like the colour of the nail polish but I definitely wouldn’t say that it looks molten-like when it’s on, copper with a silver shimmer running through would be a better description. 

I’ve wanted the body oil for ages and they finally started stocking it in #Hull it’s everything I expected and more! Great on untamed skin so this is going to look INSANE when I bronze up a bit. Tip: a little shimmer goes a loooooong way, so use sparingly

Recently I put a call out on Twitter for suggestions of a copper-y/orange coloured shadow, and the lovely Megan suggested this, which is turned out to be a great recommendation. The pigmentation is really strong and long lasting, so it’s become a go-to shade for me at the moment.

This is the third lingerie lippy I’ve bought, I won’t be stopping there! I really like this darker brown shade (though it doesn’t look this colour online) it makes me feel very sassy and cool. You know what they say: fake it ’til ya make it. 

A few quick swatches – all unblinded Left – eye shadow, highlighter, body oil
Right- lingerie, matte lip cream

Hope you enjoyed the haul, let me know which products you like the most.

Stay stylish,


FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ What I got for my birthday

It was my birthday on 21 June – yay for getting spoilt, boo for getting older! I actually don’t mind getting older usually but I feel like my new age is just a bit ‘meh’ at the minute, I’m confident it’ll get better though! Here’s a little round up of some of my gifts 

Treasure huntYup, that’s right – Mr Alice decided to start my day with a dash around the house to find my gift! It started in our bedroom and ended in our drinks cupboard, and inside the final clue informed me that he would be whisking me away for a spa break. Eek!

Rainbow roses I don’t think I EVER want any other type of flower again!

Light box by Ginger SnapI’ve wanted one of these for ages! I’ve been posting new messages on it every day and uploading them to Twitter.

Sleep tee, BoohooIf you read my Sleepwear Sass post a little while back you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with cute sleepy tees and PJs. Definitely think they missed a trick not making this one yellow though? I’ve already seen more that I want from boohoo so im sure I’ll be ordering more soon.

Star print lounge suit, BoohooIt was only after opening this that I realised that my loungewear actually matches my lounge! It’s black and grey with a floral feature wall, I kinda wish it was star print like this sassy-ass set though. This is another type of clothing I’m obsessed with, I’m going to need a whole extra wardrobe for this and my sleepwear pretty soon…

Ted Baker cosmetic purse and Cerruti 1881I’m going on holiday again soon so this wipe clean pouch is perfect for keeping cosmetic bits in my hand luggage, and this my fave evening perfume that is the perfect size (under 100ml) to travel with it.

Small paella pan (similar here)Bless Mama Alice – after spending a week with me in Marbella eating paella or tapas almost every night, she thought I should try and have a go at making it myself! If anyone has a great healthy recipe be sure to let me know(preferably without calamari or prawns)

Rock on Ruby pins colada backpackROR’s summer range is ridiculous cute – pastel shades mixed with neon pops mixed with quotes from summertime classics*. As soon as I saw this this bag I knew it would be perfect for holidays and for the gym and dropped a LOT of hints to make sure I got it!

*this quote is from Escape (The Pina Colada song) if you’ve never heard it I strongly advise you have a cheeky listen here. WARNING: it’s a catchy lil tune!

Rock on Ruby yes I like pina coladas tote bagI really this bag as well – I used a tote to take extra bits to work and in case I pick up any shopping whilst I’m out and about. The fact that it’s candy pink and matches my backpack is merely a beautifully coordinated bonus.
Marks & Spencer Rosado cava brut Cava has always been my favourite of the sparkling beverages, and in the UK I’m yet to find a better one than M&S. Mr Alice and I bought a cases of the medium brut (green bottle, dark green label) for our wedding reception and I’ve adored it ever since.

Pandora passport pendant charm

My very thoughtful sister in laws remembered a conversation in which I said I wanted this or the little airplane so suprised me with this. I only have one more space on my bracelet now, wonder what will complete it…

Aaaaaaand one final thing that my friend Sarah bought me on the day – we said we’re going out for lunch, but ended up with THIS… Stay stylish,

And Furley and Co. even put a candle in it for me, definitely a change from the usual birthday cake!

I had a lovely day off work and being chill so it was a good day and exactly what I needed.

Thanks for reading; there’s lots more fashion, beauty and fun on the way very soon.

J 😘xx