LIFESTYLE/ BRB, just dropping some £££ on a new house

If you read last week’s follow up post to my ‘5 Things for 2018’ (you can have a nosey here if you missed it) you’ll have seen that, at long last, I’m moving into a new house soon.

Well, soon has turned into now. Like, THIS WEEK.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been furiously running around going to solicitors appointments, follow up inspections, packing (and throwing out) my stuff and working out the logistics of who’s doing what and when. If you’ve ever moved house as an adult, you’ll know what I’m saying!

Because of all of this I’ve been a bit neglectful of blogging and digital life in general, so I wanted to drop in this little post to say thank you for bearing with me during this busy time, and that there are plenty of fab posts in my archives for you to have a read of if you have a few minutes to chill.

I plan to be back properly very soon – more fashion and most likely some home-related spam once I’m happy with how things look. I’ll look forward to you joining me then.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

(Images: Pinterest and Not on the High Street)

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