LIFESTYLE/ Hayfever hacks

This may seem like a bit of an odd (or maybe even boring) post to some of you, however to others it may just make the next few months a whole lot easier!

It wasn’t until last year that I discovered just how debilitating hayfever can really be. I have suffered with it on and off since my early 20s – it usually lasts for a few weeks max and drugstore medication has eased it considerably. However last year was horrendous. I had severe symptoms daily for about 4 months, no kind of medication touched it and I felt extremely poorly and miserable for days on end.

But not this year. I’m not prepared to have a repeat and have prepared well! My symptoms have already started but I’ve been doing a lot of research into alternative remedies to help kick the side effects into touch so wanted to share what has been working for me so far:


I’ve heard this one for years but always thought it was weird, but it’s been very helpful indeed. Smear a decent amount all around your nostrils and a little inside and it should stop that pesky pollen going any further. Couple of follow up tips – make sure you reapply it I’d you touch/wipe your nose, and make sure it’s the clear variety you’re applying (as I found out the hard way – I usually use the rose tint and it looked like I’d been bleeding or messily eating)

Herbal tea

Some herbs have a natural antihistamine that will ward off symptoms – green tea, ginger and chamomile are usually touted for these. I drink green tea every single morning and a categorically declare this useless (I’ve tried a few different brands and varieties) however chamomile is definitely one I’d say is worth trying. I’ve been having one as soon as I arrive at work in the morning and occasionally another in the afternoon if I feel I need it, which has made me feel quite chill as well as experiencing less symptoms. My current blend of choice is Honey Bee Beautiful which also includes honey in the blend, another effective remedy (more on that below) I’m wondering if that has helped a little more than a plain chamomile?


Locally produced honey is meant to be the key to all your Hayfever woes. This year I had a dilemma – I live in an East Yorkshire city but work in the North York Moors (passing the through Yorkshire Wolds with all its fields and pollen) so which place should I be buying honey local to? I decided it was easier to get both! Obviously a bit more expensive but a small price to pay overall – I either do this as a teaspoonful in the morning/evening, wack some in hot water with lemon or spread it on toast (one honey per slice). You’re supposed to start doing the honey thing in winter but having it now is having some effect as well as helping build up my tolerance ready for next year.

Eye gel

For the first time this year my eyes have been quite itchy, so I took some advice from my friend Mel and ordered this Elderflower cooling eye gel. It’s had rave reviews from other sufferers; because my eyes don’t bother me as frequently I haven’t been able to give this a thorough test but it certainly makes them feel calmer after applying.

I hope this worldly wisdom is able to help anyone that’s been in position, it truly sucks to feel poorly and you can’t enjoy life when the weather’s nice! Likewise, if anyone reading this is a major sufferer and has tried other things that have worked, I’m all for having more remedies in the bank just in case.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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