FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 4

one of the things I enjoy most about fashion, is that you can put on anything and instantly become (or at least feel like you’ve become) a new person. Clothes allow you to embrace all areas of your personality – sassy, rock ‘n roll, tailored…the list goes on, and I get a lot of my inspo but how to channel these different parts of myself through looking at my how others have put looks together online.

Here are some of my faves from the last week:

Nicole Sage (aka Sleek Chic)

Miss Sleek Chic also has a beautiful Insta-worthy home as well as cute outfits! This is the perfect way to leopard print in a classy way – it’s still statement, but the camel jacket tones in with it very nicely. VERY jealous of the Gucci soho disco bag as I still haven’t managed to get my hands on one (if I stopped frivolous spending on fast fashion, I’d have been able to buy at least 3 this year I reckon).

Lily Melrose

(Image: @llymlrs) Jumper, Topshop.

Spice up yo’ life Lily! Very in keeping with this week’s Spice Girls tour announcement (little aside: when I was about 14 I died my hair red for the first time because I loved the streaks Geri had). I would love to get this jumper whilst is still in stock, but I’m not sure if it would be very me or very age appropriate? I’m not sure if I subscribe to the whole ‘dress your age’ yet, but this one has given me pause for thought.

Brooke Vincent

(Image: @brookelevivicent ) Jumpsuit, similar here.

I’ve been watching this gal a lot more this year, she’s definitely one who has a lot of fun with looks and is happy to try all sorts of outfits which I admire hugely. I’m very into the ‘strappy jumpsuits with long sleeved top underneath, cos it’s winter and I still wanna wear it’ and am doing it both in and out of the office lots RN.

Lucy Wood

(Image: @lucyjanewood )T-shirt, Lucy Wood merch / Jeans, ASOS

Lucy Wood, the self style ‘average girl’ who I’ve only just discovered on YouTube. Well, lemme tell you – if this is average, I’d be more than happy to embrace it! I have all the composit parts of this look (mom jeans, biker, converse) but never quite look as awesome as this. I suspect it may firstly be down to the needing better fitting items, secondly needing a good old shut of confidence and a IDGAF attitude. What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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