FOOD / Teas the season…hot drinks haul (November 2018)

OK; the title of this one might seem a bit odd to some…a hot drinks haul? But think about it:

– The weather is cold, warm drinks are essential.

– We do fashion hauls, beauty hauls, homeware hauls, so why not hot drinks?

– I just really like buying tea, OK.

You may remember that last year I was thrilled to receive a tea advent calendar from the Mr (you can read my first impressions post here) from Bird and Blend (their 2018 advent calendar is here if you want to have a look) and a lot of the products in this haul are featured below (not spon, I wish! I just really like the brand)

Honey Bee Beautiful loose leaf

This is now my favourite non ‘normal’ tea – it tastes nice, makes me feel lovely and relaxed (great for this time of year, though I drink this blend all year round. It’s a great natural combattent for hayfever) and it’s soooo frickin pretty. I’ve previously bought it in tea bag form but it looks like this has been discontinued, which makes me glad that I also got a Brewdini in last year’s Christmas stocking.

The Digester tea bags

I’ve never tried this before, but I have a ridiculously slow metabolism and sometimes have an upset tummy for no reason so thought it would be worth a go to see if it would help.

Dozy Girl loose leaf

I’m a long time fan of night time tea to help support an effective bed time routine (adults need a routine too, particularly if you don’t sleep too well like me) but thought I’d make a switch from my regular brand (Pukka) since I was putting an order in plus, it’s really pretty! Lavender and chamomile are definite chill out triggers (I use a moisturiser and pillow spray in these scents) so it’s a great way to re-inforce this in my body.

Fairytale of NY loose leaf

For the last couple of years I’ve placed an order for the Snowball blend which comes out each festive season, but I spotted this blend had launched and changed my mind, literally for no other reason than this is the title of my all time favourite Christmas song.

It smells of coffee and Irish cream and is perfect for embracing festive-ness!

Nescafé Coconut latte sachets

These smell utterly amazing; coconut is more of a scent for the summer I guess but I’m going with it! They also taste really creamy, I just popped in my normal 1 sweetener and it was good to go.

Nescafé Azera flat white coffee sachets

I have to say; coffee sachets have a reputation for being a bit cheap and sucky, but the game has really been raised with these two. Over the past year I’ve become a massive fan of the Azera range and this honestly tastes as good as any other flat white I’ve had.

If there are other unusual blends of tea or fancy coffee you’ve tried and liked feel free to link me to it in the comments section, there still may be a little bit of room in my kitchen cupboards to add a few more in!

Thanks for adding,

J xx

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