BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 2 – weekly fashion faves, 5

I didn’t want to be neglectful of this post in the #blogmas season, particularly as this is usually when people start to dress up a bit more. People have be bringing it this week!

Victoria Beckham

Normally VB dresses in an ultra chic style that I can’t personally relate to, however this look i can get on board with! This look is totally 70s and very striking due to the colour and print, but still her usual chic because each piece is really well tailored (since it’s VB own brand and costs hundreds per item , I’d kind of expect that).

Emma Roberts

Where has Emma Roberts been hiding herself? Why was Scream Queens Cancelled? I haven’t seen her around for ages, but this standout Chloe suit will keep me quiet for a little bit. I’d swear this was street style at NYFW because this is such a frickin cool ass look, however I can be a sucker for “matchy matchy-ness” so a black bag would’ve finished the look off for me.

Jesy Nelson

Yassss Jesy!! Not loving the ankle chain as it doesn’t make a lot of sense, BUT overall it’s and on trend, a flattering fit and kind practical now the weather is colder. I would definitely wear a variation of this look.

Beckie Ione

I’ve know this babe for a few years and I can tell you that she always looks this fab. She throws everything together so effortlessly, as well as having on point makeup at all times. Great inspo.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

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