BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 3 – home made cauliflower cheese soup

On the third day of #blogmas I am giving you… a super speedy soup recipe that contains 3 ingredients and has a beautifully rich taste.

It’s perfect to serve as a starter for a festive feast or simply as a winter warmer you can batch cook and eat all week. Plus, for anyone following #slimmingworld can enjoy this guilt free!*

Makes 2 portions

– 900 ml vegetable stock

– 500 ml frozen cauliflower

– 10 Laughing Cow light triangles (I use original, but any flavour you fancy will work)

Step 1. Pre heat a pan on the hob on a medium heat.

Step 2. Add cauliflower and stock and allow to simmer for approximately 15mins.

Step 3. Remove the heat and store in the Laughing Cow triangles until they start to melt.

Step 4. Transfer to blender and blitz for around 45 seconds of until smooth.

Serve alone or with your favourite bread. For an extra bit of taste, sprinkle a little paprika over the top.

And that’s pretty much it! Quick, simple, tasty. Boom.


See you again tomorrow,

J xx

*based on a Slimming World recipe I followed in 2016. Please check the Slimming World website, app, official literature or with your consultant for the most up to date versions of the plan to confirm the recipe is still free (using heA) under the SP and Extra Easy plans.

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